Manuela Junghähnel - Advanced Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll Thin-film Processing

Session 9: Conductors I

Advanced Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll Thin-film Processing on Ultra-thin Flexible Glass for Flexible Electronic Devices
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
10:50 AM - 11:10 AM

Ultra-thin glass is a flexible substrate material with thicknesses less than 100 µm and offers excellent surface properties. The recent developments in the improvement of the reliability for flexible glass by the glass manufactures with possible bending radii less than 10 mm. This opens up new possibilities for flexible electronic devices with highest performance and quality.

In our study, we present coating results of transparent conductive ITO films on flexible glass sheets with a size of 600 x 600 mm² in an in-line sheet-to-sheet magnetron sputtering process. We report about the transfer of the optimized sputter process to the pilot scale roll-to-roll coater FOSA labX 330 for applying ITO thin-films on flexible glass in a roll-to-roll process. With this coating machine, we are able to achieve excellent ITO thin-films on rolls with a maximum length of 100 m, glass widths of 300 mm under pilot-scale conditions, with sheet resistances in the range of 10 Ω. This is an important progress for thin-film processing on flexible glass in high-volume manufacturing processes. Beside the technological challenges on the sheet-to-sheet and the roll-to-roll processing, we investigated the dependency of the bending radius and the fracture stress of the substrate-coating compound from the applied sputtering process parameter.


Speaker's Biography

- More than 15 years experience in PVD process and thin-film development, especially in sheet-to-sheet processing of TCO materials,

- development of processes on flexible glass


Manuela Junghähnel
Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP