MSEC 18_abstract_Keynote: Rapid Innovation with Production MEMS Workshop Outbrief

KEYNOTE: Rapid Innovation with Production MEMS Workshop Outbrief

Ronald G. Polcawich
DARPA, Arlington, VA 
US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, M

Eric Breckenfeld and  Eric Naglich
Booz Allen Hamilton, Arlington, VA 

Glen Fox
Fox Materials Consulting, Colorado Spring, CO

Rapid Innovation through Production MEMS (RIPM) seeks to advance the state of MEMS device technology by creating enhanced access to mature process flows for utilization by military, academic, and commercial MEMS designers. By doing so, DARPA hopes to accelerate the design cycle for MEMS development and reduce the cycle time from 1 cycle/year to 2-3 cycles/year while simultaneously gaining the reproducibility of production-proven process flows. Establishing this type of fabrication and supply chain basis will foster a collaborative engagement between independent device manufacturers, MEMS foundries, system integrators, and federal government stakeholders. Borrowing from successful efforts in other technology domains, such as those achieved by MOSIS, DARPA seeks to allow shared production runs via MPWs, engineering wafer lots, or access to a small percentage of die real estate on engineering wafers. The result of such a conceptual effort is envisioned to improve access to economies of scale for mission-critical MEMS development, increase the rate of innovation, improve the timelines for technology transition, and enable novel device designs with large-scale integration of more complex systems of MEMS.