Kalsi Kwan - Process Stackup Software for Multilayer Printing

Session 21: Process Control

Process Stackup Software for Multilayer Printing
Thursday, February 15, 2018
1:40 PM - 2:05 PM

The Boeing Company is working with NextFlex and nScrypt to mature the manufacturing readiness level (MRL) of flexible hybrid electronic (FHE) devices on both planar and non-planar devices. As part of this effort we have developed the OmniConverter program, which combines a FHE layer stack-up, a material database, multilayer CAD files, pattern infill, and nScrypt hardware requirements into a single user interface that outputs to an nScrypt or similar multi-head print tool. This intuitive software reduces the number of interfaces and time required to prototype complex multilayer FHE circuits. The current application allows the user to operate any combination of fused filament fabrication, printed paste and inks, selective laser, or UV sintering, and milling with one simple interface. Input file types include Gerber, nScrypt, DXF, STL, and G-code. Output file types include Aerotech, nScrypt, and G-code. Our team is currently alpha testing the OmniConverter for use with the nScrypt 3Dn toolset to print multilayer passive electronic components on planar and non-planar surfaces. The resulting devices operate electrically to within a few percent of the modeled CAD design. Furthermore, we have successfully added alignment and pick and place packaging operations for both planar and non-planar operation. The goal is to provide a toolset for developing repeatable and reliable manufacturing processes for printed electronic devices on the nScrypt that can be transferred easily between engineers and operators.

Speaker's Biography

Kalsi Kwan is an RF and printed electronics process development engineer for Boeing Research & Technology in Huntsville, AL. She came to Boeing in 2015 after graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: Mechatronics. While in school, she gained work experience from three internships including two at Boeing within Mechanical Hydraulics


Kalsi Kwan
Electrophysics Process Engineer
Boeing Research & Technology