John Olenick - Multi-Material Ribbon Ceramic Supply Chain

Session 17: Substrates

Multi-Material Ribbon Ceramic Supply Chain to Product Application Roadmap for FHE
Thursday, February 15, 2018
11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

ENrG Incorporated, in 2015, and in collaboration with Corning Incorporated initiated a roll-to-roll (R2R) flexible ceramic development for its Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic product to address a variety of needs in Flexible Hybrid electronic (FHE) market applications. Flexible electronics require significant reductions in thickness and volume over current substrate materials, increased flexibility over smaller diameter rolls, and better durability and reliability for improved lifetimes under extreme conditions during manufacturing, and in operation. The first material available was Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic (ZRC). ZRC is a highly flexible thin ceramic and proves to be an ultra-barrier for protecting moisture and air sensitive films, yet offers integration design opportunities as a support or integrated packaging material for flexible circuit devices. ENrG, collaborating with ITN Energy Systems, proved high energy density, ultrathin solid-state lithium batteries were feasible. As such, the combination of ENrG’s ZRC and ITN’s SSLB technology could indeed support a portfolio of battery capacities without many design or process modifications. ZRC is both the support for the battery, and the outer package material, eliminating the need for other packaging, such as a coin cell, or pouch. Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic would not have occurred without the collaboration of Corning and ENrG. Now a second material, Alumina Ribbon Ceramic is available for sampling within targeted FHE market applications. This presentation describes multi-material Ribbon Ceramics now available, along with a supply chain to product application roadmap within FHE. Applications addressed in this presentation across all materials will include solid-state batteries, SOFCs, LEDs, OLEDs, sensors, heater circuits, and more. The author acknowledges cutting edge collaboration with the Corning Team, collaboration with ITN Energy Systems, and the funded support of the FlexTech Alliance enabling ENrG to deliver thinner ZRC, with laser cut features, and demonstrate product applications of solid-state batteries and photovoltaic applications.

Speaker's Biography

John Olenick is President of ENrG Incorporated and with five other principals, started the company in 2003 to focus on fuel cell technologies. The company pivoted in 2009 to focus solely on commercialization of thin, flexible ceramic. John has worked at Westinghouse, Mobay Corporation, Rogers Corporation, Eastman Kodak, and Tyco Electronics. John graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Ceramic Science and Engineering. He has also studied business administration at both Johns Hopkins and the University of Connecticut. John is a graduate of the 2004 class at the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership of University of Buffalo’s School of Management. He has published 30 papers and holds 10 patents.


John Olenick
ENrG Incorporated