Jeroen Van Ham

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Session 5: Jeroen Van Ham, Ph.D

Wednesday February 14, 2018 at 1:55 PM


Jeroen Van Ham, Ph.D

Business Development Manager, TDK/Icsense

Sensor / ASIC integration challenges for automotive and industry 4.0 and how to tackle them


MSTC 2018 Session 5:  APPLICATIONS

Wednesday February 14, 2018 ~ 1:55 - 2:25 PM 

About Jeroen Van Ham, Ph.D

Jeroen Van Ham is a seasoned business professional in the semiconductor industry. He obtained his masters in micro-electronics at the University of Leuven, Belgium and acquired his PhD on medical implantable electronics at the same university. Later Dr. Van Ham served as business consultant for one of the leading consultancy firms in Belgium. He has a solid understanding of ASIC architectures with specific analog, mixed-signal and high-voltage requirements and tailored to MEMS sensor and actuator applications. Since 2010, he is responsible for business development at ICsense, the largest fab-independent ASIC provider in Europe that was acquired by TDK in 2017.


The sensor and actuator market will rise with 12% CAGR in the coming 4 years. Mostly these devices are delivered to the end-customers with the mixed-signal interface ASIC (Application Specific IC) as part of the module. With a target ASP (Average Selling Price) below 1$, the cost pressure on both interface ASIC as well as sensor element is high.    In this presentation, we will highlight the market trends and challenges to meet performance, cost and power consumption criteria. How to approach your ASIC development to maximise chances of market succes? What are the myths around sensor interfacing ASICs?     A special part of this presentation is devoted to high-reliability sensor interfacing for industrial and automotive markets. In this area, functional safety (IEC61508 - ISO26262) comes into play which impacts the design philosophy. Dedicated on-chip diagnostics are implemented to provide a reliable solution for your end-customer.    Examples of sensor/ASIC developments will be given in the area of pressure sensors, gas sensors, gyro/accelerometers and magnetic (TMR) sensors.