James Hayward - E-textiles: Show Me the Money!

Session 14: FHE Applications II

E-textiles: Show Me the Money!
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
2:35 PM - 2:55 PM

Electronic textiles (e-textile) have risen from the research labs into real commercial markets over the last 15 years. With investment pouring in from industry globally, key players are positioning themselves to make the most of this growing market. The result is a market with increasing diversity and significant uncertainty, with winners yet to emerge.

In the space of a few years, the number of players with interest and direct investment in e-textiles has grown significantly. There are many material suppliers developing new, bespoke conductive inks, polymers and textiles designed for use with textiles. Manufacturing giants in textiles and electronics alike are acquiring, hiring and collaborating to improve efficiency in the developing value chain. Leading brands from sports apparel, consumer electronics, healthcare and more are laying the foundations for their next generations of products. All is driven by an undercurrent of new technology, shared experience and increasing maturity as e-textiles move from small niches into larger markets.

In this presentation, IDTechEx will describe the current e-textiles landscape, spanning the entire value chain from materials through to end products. In total, IDTechEx have profiled the activities of over 110 companies and counting within this space. In this presentation, IDTechEx will describe the key trends that are driving this industry, provide case studies for the most interesting examples, and will present 10-year market forecasts describing varied growth across a series of key markets.


Speaker's Biography

Since joining IDTechEx, James has led IDTechEx's research around markets and enabling technologies for wearable electronics. This has included producing hundreds of interview-based company profiles for companies spanning the entire value chain, and authorship of many market reports. This includes coverage across a variety of topic areas, including wearable technology, sensors, e-textiles, haptics and user interfaces.

James regularly works on large consulting projects with global companies, supporting strategic decisions relating to topics across IDTechEx's areas of expertise. These custom projects involve close collaboration with client business units and includes tasks such as detailed material and/or component benchmarking, competitive analyses, investment partnership advisory services and active technology scouting.


James Hayward