Good News from Washington—Boost in Science Agency Funds

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Good News from Washington—Boost in Science Agency Funds

SEMI is pleased to announce that the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other key science agencies will receive some additional funding for fiscal year 2008 through the supplemental spending bill signed recently by President Bush. This bill primarily covers war costs but it also includes a few domestic programs.

For the science agencies, the final results reflect a recognition that their FY08 funding levels are below where they should be. The final supplemental bill is the result of months of wrangling over what should be included. Many of the participants at this year’s SEMI Washington Forum asked members of Congress to support these increased R&D investments and we thank Congress for their support of this effort.

The NSF will receive an additional $22.5 million for Research and Related Activities that will be distributed among the research directorates. An additional $40 million in funding for education programs—such as the Robert Noyce Scholarship program and graduate research and teaching fellowship programs—will be available. NASA and the Department of Energy's Office of Science will receive $62.5 million each and the National Institutes of Health will receive $150 million.

July 9, 2008