SEMI Export Control Proposals Approved Globally

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SEMI Export Control Proposals Approved Globally


The export control requirements for etch equipment and cluster tools will be reduced as a result of SEMI’s public policy work. Each year SEMI works closely with member companies to push for improvements to the export control list maintained by the multilateral Wassenaar Arrangement as part of their annual list review. The most recent proposals were agreed to in December 2009. 

Once implemented, the control for etch equipment will no longer apply to equipment above 65 nanometers rather than the current control level of 180 nanometers.  The control for cluster tools will be narrowed to only apply when two or more functionally different semiconductor process tools are used. Each of these proposals is the result of several years of discussion between government and industry. They are good examples of the value of working together to improve the control list while reducing unnecessary burdens on exporters.

Each Wassenaar member will now implement these changes through their national regulations during 2010. SEMI urges governments to implement these changes as soon as possible. 


In a related development, Wassenaar members also considered a proposal to create a new control for scanning electron microscopes when partnered with focused ion beam equipment.  This proposal did not move forward. SEMI and member companies had provided input regarding technical issues regarding the proposal. While this specific proposal was not approved, discussions continue about potential new controls in this and other areas and SEMI remains an active part of these discussions.

For more information on export control issues, please contact Maggie Hershey at

February 2, 2010