TI's Templeton Earns the 2007 SEMI Akira Inoue Award

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TI's Templeton Earns the 2007 SEMI Akira Inoue Award

SEMI has awarded the 2007 Akira Inoue Award to Richard Templeton, president/CEO of Texas Instruments, for his achievements in semiconductor industry environmental, health, and safety improvements.

"Under his direction, TI has made a priority of reducing air emissions, energy consumption, water use and waste while increasing resource conservation and energy efficiency," stated Stanley Myers, president and CEO of SEMI. TI has introduced "innovative environmentally-friendly products and processes and operational excellence in health and safety for employees," including the world's first "green" semiconductor manufacturing facility.

Templeton's commitment led to achievements at Texas Instrument and industry-wide. Those cited by the Akira Inoue Award committee in the selection of Mr. Templeton include:

  • TI built the world’s first “green” semiconductor manufacturing facility.
  • TI achieved the best safety rate in the company’s history and the best safety rate in the U.S. semiconductor industry for past three consecutive years.
  • TI is leading the industry in providing digital and analog solutions with low power consumption and greater energy efficiency.
  • TI received numerous awards and recognitions for outstanding ESH performance and environmental stewardship from customers, media and government organizations.

Templeton has been TI's top exec since May 2004 and a board member since 2003. During his 28-year tenure at the company, he has served as COO and EVP, and as president of TI's semiconductor business. He is also the immediate past chairman of the Semiconductor Industry Association.

What is the Akira Inoue Award?

SEMI established the Akira Inoue Award to recognize individuals in the semiconductor industry and academia who have made significant contributions to the industry—and to society—in the area of environment, health and safety. Each year, the Award rewards an individual who shows outstanding EHS leadership and/or successful innovation (of a process, product or material) that improves the industry's EHS record.

Inoue—a Champion of the Environment

The late Akira Inoue, a past president of Tokyo Electron Limited and a former member of the SEMI Board of Directors, was a champion of environmental protection and employee health and safety within the semiconductor industry. He encouraged semiconductor equipment and material suppliers, laboratories, chip manufacturers, related industry associations and government organizations to collaborate on EHS development. His efforts were instrumental in establishing the SEMI EHS Division. Inoue was an impassioned and articulate advocate of environmental responsibility. Inoue did not want the current generation to burden future generations with a tremendous environmental bill.