Hwang wins 2006 Akira Inoue Award

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Chang-Gyu Hwang Receives 2006 Akira Inoue Award for Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence

From left: Art Katsaros, group VP Development and Technology, Air Products, and chairman of the SEMI EHS Executive Committee; Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang, president and CEO of the Semiconductor Business of Samsung Electronics and business director of the Memory Division; Stan Meyers, president and CEO of SEMI

Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang, president and CEO of the Semiconductor Business of Samsung Electronics and business director of the Memory Division, is the recipient of the 2006 Akira Inoue Award for outstanding achievement in environment, health and safety in the semiconductor industry. The award, presented at a Gala celebrating the 30th anniversary of the SEMICON Japan exposition, is sponsored by the global industry association SEMI.

Dr. Hwang is recognized for his contributions to decisive and visionary EHS leadership at Samsung Electronics which has resulted in the introduction of innovative environmentally-friendly products and processes and operational excellence in health and safety for employees. Dr. Hwang is the seventh recipient of the prestigious industry award.

“Dr. Hwang has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in both business and environmentally friendly/benign manufacturing,” said Stanley Myers, president and CEO of SEMI. “His numerous contributions to improving EHS performance such as development of processes that consume less resources and the use of environmentally friendly materials in manufacturing, have helped make Samsung one of the most respected semiconductor electronics companies.”

Dr. Hwang’s vision and pioneering spirit led to achievements at Samsung and industry-wide. Those cited by the Akira Inoue Award committee in the selection of Dr. Hwang include:

  • Reduction of 210,000 tons in direct CO2 emissions since 2001 by waste heat recovery, introduction of more energy-efficient equipment, and wafer processing optimization.
  • Continuing commitment to, and on-target progress towards, achieving the semiconductor-industry’s global goal of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 10% by 2010 from 1997 baseline levels. The semiconductor industry is unique amongst industries in setting such a goal.
  • Reduction by 57% of emissions per wafer of greenhouse-gas PFCs since 1997 by gas replacement, process optimization, and by use of new PFC abatement equipment.
  • Introduction of environmentally-friendly products that save resources and do not incorporate six hazardous substances banned from most electronics by the European Union.
  • Reductions of normalized use of photoresist by 70%, gases by 29%, and other chemicals by 35% from 2001 to 2005 through process improvements and chemical recycling.
  • Reduction of normalized water usage by 44%, equivalent to over 12 million tons, from 2001 to 2005 through recovery of ultrapure water and recycling of treated waste water.
  • Establishment of multi-level accident prevention and damage minimization management systems, such as a GIS-based integrated disaster management system; and close cooperation with vendors in recognition of safety as the number one priority for everyone on site.
  • Reinforcement of facilities to withstand higher levels of natural disasters such as windstorms; and introduction of higher quality medical services and improved ergonomic work methods.
  • Creation of Samsung Electronic’s unique “Eco-Partner” system, by which Samsung ensures every material, part and component they purchase meets the highest EHS standard, and which works to facilitate efforts by Samsung’s suppliers to enhance their EHS capabilities as well.

Dr. Hwang began his career with Samsung Electronics in 1989 as general manager in charge of DVC development. He received his BS and MS degrees from Seoul National University, and his PhD in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Massachusetts–Amherst in 1985. Amongst his many technical accomplishments, Dr. Hwang developed the world’s first 256M DRAM, for which he received the Samsung Special Prize Award. Dr. Hwang’s many honors include election as a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; recognition as one of “25 Stars” by Business Week in 2003, selection as “CEO of Asia” by Asia Money in 2005, and recognition in 2005 as “Technology Leader” by the Electronics Industry Association.