Saburo Kusama Receives 2003 Akira Inoue Award

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Saburo Kusama Receives 2003 Akira Inoue Award for Environmental, Health, and Safety Excellence

Award Honors Outstanding Environmental, Health and Safety Achievement in the Semiconductor Industry

TOKYO, Japan., December 3, 2003 - Saburo Kusama, president of Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson), has been awarded the 2003 Akira Inoue Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environment, Health and Safety in the Semiconductor Industry. The award is sponsored by the global industry association SEMI.

Kusama is recognized for his contributions to advancing EHS policies and practices at Epson which have resulted in significant reductions in energy consumption, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. With his direction, Epson has also advanced “green” concepts throughout the company's operations and through to its products sold to consumers.

“Under Kusama-san's leadership, Epson has made resource conservation and environmental protection a core value of the company's operations,” said Stanley Myers, president and CEO of SEMI. “Kusama-san has shown that environment, health and safety can be strengthened simultaneously with growing business and manufacturing innovative products. He embodies the spirit of Inoue-san's commitment to the environment and we are pleased to honor him with this award.”

Among the achievements cited by the Akira Inoue Award committee in the selection of Kusama include:

* The design and implementation of a General Environmental Policy at Epson seeking to reduce energy consumption at Epson by 60 percent of 1997 levels by 2010.

* The completion of five new manufacturing plants in 2000 which each consumed an average of 40 percent less energy than comparable conventional facilities, equivalent to the reduction of 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

* Exceeding targets to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, achieving by 2002 a 48 percent reduction from 1997 levels.

Kusama began his career with Epson after graduating in 1963 with a degree in electrical engineering from Shizuoka University. In 1986, he became a general manager in the Semiconductor Products Operations Division and in 1990 was promoted to chief executive of the division and became a member of the board of directors. In 1994, he became chief executive of the Liquid Crystal Display Operations Division (now Displays Operations Division) and a managing director. In 1996, he became a senior managing director, and in 1997 an executive vice president. In April 2001, Kusama assumed the role of president, managing Epson's overall business operations.

The Akira Inoue Award is sponsored by the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Division of SEMI. The award is named after the late Akira Inoue, past president of Tokyo Electron Limited and a strong advocate of environmental health and safety. Inoue also served on the SEMI Board of Directors. The award recognizes individuals in industry and academia who have made significant contributions to this area by exercising leadership or demonstrating innovation in the development of processes, products or materials that reduce EHS impacts. A subcommittee of the SEMI EHS Executive Committee reviews all nominees and selects the winner. Past recipients of the Akira Inoue Award include Pasquale Pistorio, CEO of STMicroelectronics; Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel Corporation; and Dr. Farhang Shadman, director the Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing at the University of Arizona.

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