Craig Barrett Wins 2nd Akira Inoue Award

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Craig Barrett Wins 2nd Annual Akira Inoue Award for Environmental, Health and Safety Leadership

SEMI Honors Intel Leader for Outstanding EHS Achievement in Semiconductor Industry

TOKYO, December 5, 2001-- Craig R. Barrett, president and chief executive officer of Intel Corporation, was named the 2001 recipient of the Akira Inoue Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environment, Health and Safety in the Semiconductor Industry. The annual award is sponsored by the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Division of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), a global industry association.

"We commend Craig Barrett for his vision, leadership and effectiveness," said Stanley T. Myers, president and CEO of SEMI, "In addition to mandating environment, health and safety performance at the world's largest chip-manufacturing company, Dr. Barrett is a forceful proponent of responsibility throughout the semiconductor industry."

The award is named after the late Akira Inoue, past president of Tokyo Electron Limited and a former member of the SEMI Board of Directors. It was established as part of the trade association's initiative to promote industry-wide environmental leadership. The award recognizes individuals in industry and academia who have made significant contributions in the area of environment, health and safety by exercising industry leadership or demonstrating innovation in the development of processes, products or materials that reduce EHS impacts.

Among the factors cited for Dr. Barrett's selection by the Akira Inoue Award Committee were: Intel's receipt of 53 international awards for environmental performance under Barrett's leadership, the company's practice of annual public reporting of environmental health and safety performance, Barrett's insistence on personally reviewing safety incidents at Intel, the company's inclusion of EHS criteria in equipment selection, and Barrett's industry advocacy of EHS responsibility and benchmarking.

"Akira Inoue was a champion of environmental protection and employee health and safety within the semiconductor industry," said Myers today while addressing industry dignitaries gathered here at the Imperial Hotel to pay tribute during SEMICON Japan 2001 exposition. "Craig Barrett's leadership exemplifies this conviction for EHS responsibility and performance. He is truly deserving of this honor in Inoue-san's name."

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