SEMI Raises Awareness of the REACH Regulation for the Supply Chain of Companies that Make Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (June 2009)

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SEMI Raises Awareness of the European REACH Regulation for the Supply Chain of Companies that Make Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (June 2009)


Under the European REACH Regulation, companies that make semiconductor manufacturing equipment are responsible for having a detailed understanding of the substances incorporated into their products. This includes both the hardware and the containerized chemicals shipped along with their products to facilitate installation, operation, service, and maintenance. Due to the interconnected nature of supply chains, these companies have to rely on a vast number of suppliers for the information needed for compliance.

Unfortunately, many suppliers are not aware of REACH requirements or the fact that REACH could impact the relationship with these customers. Suppliers to the semiconductor industry are confronted with the idea that compliance with REACH requirements is a necessity for maintaining business, regardless of whether these suppliers directly market products in Europe.

SEMI Awareness Raising Program

To address these supply chain concerns, SEMI is embarking on a program to raise the awareness of REACH regulatory compliance issues in the supply chains of SEMI members that make semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Stanley Myers, President and CEO of SEMI, has crafted a letter to semiconductor industry suppliers letting them know of the program and asking for their assistance in industry-wide REACH regulatory compliance.

Please click here to view the letter from Stanley Myers.

In return, SEMI will provide training materials for suppliers on compliance approaches.

Suppliers’ Survey

To provide targeted training materials, SEMI is asking suppliers to the semiconductor industry to complete a Supplier Survey. Survey responses will allow SEMI to better understand knowledge gaps for REACH compliance. SEMI urges all suppliers to complete this survey:

Please click here to take the SEMI Equipment Suppliers’ Survey on REACH Regulations.

In return, SEMI will provide free training materials to suppliers as a service to the semiconductor industry.

More Information

These SEMI efforts are being carried out under the direction of the SEMI REACH Working Group. Membership in the Working Group is open to all SEMI members. If you would like to join the Working Group, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose).