SEMI Submits Comments to the UK Government on Proposed Changes to EU RoHS / WEEE (May 2009)

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SEMI Submits Comments to the UK Government on Proposed Changes to EU RoHS / WEEE (May 2009)

Overview – Proposed Changes to EU RoHS / WEEE

In the fall of 2008, the European Commission (EC) proposed formal changes to the European RoHS and WEEE Directives. RoHS regulations restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. WEEE regulations typically regulate waste electronic and electrical equipment.

As part of the proposal process, in April 2009, the Department for Business, Enterprise, and Regulatory Reform (BERR), a UK government agency, invited industry representatives to provide feedback on these changes.

SEMI Feedback Letter

Concerned about the impacts of proposed RoHS / WEEE changes to semiconductor equipment manufacturers, the SEMI RoHS Working Group submitted comments to BERR in May 2009.

In the letter, SEMI urges the EC to:

  • Maintain the Effectiveness of the Large-Scale Stationary Industrial Tool (LSIT) Exception,
  • Provide a Clear LSIT Definition,
  • Provide a Clear Definition of Applicability to Components and Spares,
  • Provide Clear Definition of Single Functional or Commercial Unit,
  • Define RoHS substances in the body of the RoHS text, rather than in Annexes,
  • Refer the scope of WEEE to the scope of RoHS,
  • Promote minimal and consistent WEEE requirements across all Members States,
  • Define the scope of RoHS with a definitive product list,
  • Consider extending the deadline for phasing in monitoring and control instruments,
  • Separate the implementations of RoHS and REACH, and
  • Keep RoHS outside the CE Marking scheme.

A copy of the May 2009 SEMI letter submitted electronically to BERR in the UK is located here.

The UK feedback document references two SEMI feedback letters to the EC regarding RoHS (March 2008) and WEEE (June 2008).

More Information

For more information, please contact Sanjay Baliga, SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose.

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