SESHA 31st Annual Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (May 2009)

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SESHA 31st Annual Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (May 2009)


Traditionally, the SESHA Symposium is a first hand opportunity to learn and re-connect with your peers; however, with today’s economic challenges and related travel restrictions, SESHA is now providing a NEW opportunity.

Participate in the Symposium from your own office via the Web!!

The SESHA Symposium Available On-Line!!


  • Entire Symposium - $250
  • Full Day (Wed. or Thu.) - $100
  • One-half Day (Wed./Thu./Fri.) - $50

For more information and technical requirements for the Simulcast, please visit:

Symposium Simulcast Registration Link Below:

Upon paid registration complete instructions and “WEBINAR” access IDs will be provided.

Description / Overview

SESHA is please to announce that it will be holding its 31st Annual International High Technology ESH Symposium and Exhibition at the Hilton Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, May 18 – 22, 2009. SEMI urges its members and industry partners to attend.

Complete information, including a list of programs and registration, is located on the SESHA website.


SESHA is professional organization dedicated to communication and education on EH&S issues in the semiconductor, display, photovoltaic, high technology and related industries. The organization was founded in 1978 as SSA (Semiconductor Safety Association), but later changed its name to Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health Association, or simply SESHA. SESHA has approximately 500 individual members located around the world.

SEMI and SESHA have a long history of working together for the benefit of SEMI members and industry partners. SEMI is a SESHA corporate member.

Symposium Date and Location

Who Should Attend

A wide range of ESH professionals in high technology should attend. These can include:

  • Environmental Managers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Occupational Health Professionals
  • Directors of ESH
  • Consultants
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Facilities and Operational Staff
  • Risk Manager
  • Sustainability Professionals
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Professionals


To register for the Symposium, please visit the SESHA website. Registration includes access to all general sessions, access to all conference events, and unlimited access to the exhibit hall. Registration fees for the Symposium have been reduced this year and are $200 less than last year.


The SESHA Symposium includes Exhibition opportunities for companies, academic groups and non profit organizations. By exhibiting at the Symposium, your group will enjoy exclusive access to the SESHA membership as well as non-member attendees. The attendees represent many disciplines of the high technology industry including environmental, safety, industrial hygiene and facilities engineering. More information about Exhibiting is located on the SESHA website.

SEMI will be exhibiting. Please drop by our space and say hello.

Programs / Events

The Symposium will include the following:

Keynote Speeches

  • US Climate Change Regulations and the PFC Voluntary Agreement
  • Industry Economic Forecast
  • Photovoltaics and Semiconductors as Parallel Paths to Sustainability
  • Keeping the Focus on EHS in a Down Economy

Professional Development Course and Workshops

  • Semiconductor Boot Camp
  • Silane & Chlorosilane Safety
  • POU Abatement
  • LEED for Operations and Maintenance

Safety / IH Programs

  • Role of Process Hazard Assessment in Semiconductor Process Development
  • Dangers Created in Epitaxial Exhaust Lines by Partially Reacted Process Gases
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring System Best Practices
  • Risk Management: Unique EHS Strategies for R&D Equipment

Environmental Practices Programs

  • PFC Abatement in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Conducting a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory: A Primer
  • Conducting an Environmental Audit
  • Implementing a Beneficial Reuse Program to Lower Your Generator Status

Resource Conservation Programs

  • Reclamation of Water and Hazardous Materials in Silicon Processing
  • Applying the LCA Methodology to Semiconductor Devices
  • Key Environmental Performance Indicators for the Semiconductor Industry
  • New Metrology for Process Optimization and Water and Energy Savings During Surface Preparation of Patterned Wafers

Sustainability / CSR Programs

  • Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges for the EHS Professional
  • Developing an Overall CO2 Footprint for Semiconductor Products
  • Sustainability Standards and Metrics
  • Moving Toward Sustainability in Advanced Technology Facilities
  • Prevention through Design (PtD)

Codes / Regulations Programs

  • How to Survive a Corporate Environmental, Safety, Health, and Fire Protection Audit
  • Agency Inspection Readiness: Path to Success
  • Implementing an Energized Electrical Work Program

Chemical Regulations / Management Programs

  • Characterization of Trichlorosilane Release and Combustion Hazards
  • Newly Identified Hazards Associated with Silicon Wafer Thinning Operations
  • OSHA and EPA under the Obama Administration
  • Avoiding a Trainwreck Between Chemical Policy and Technology Requirements

ESH in PV / Solar Programs

  • SEMI's PV EHS Initiative: Engaging EHS and Facilities Professionals
  • Managing the Hazards and Environmental Challenges of Epi Deposition Processes in Solar Manufacturing
  • Leveraging EHS Knowledge to Solve Complex PV Challenges
  • Overview of Hazards in a Renewable Energy Research

Nanomaterials ESH Programs

  • Semiconductor Nanomaterials: Toxicology, Exposure Assessment, Controls & Control Banding
  • Nanotechnology: Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Risk Management and Nanoscale Materials: Adopting a Stewardship Standard

Roundtable Programs

  • Emergency Response: Disaster Control planning for a Semiconductor Facility
  • REACH: Supply Chain Perspectives

Others Events

  • Opening Reception
  • Region / Chapter Officers & International Attendees Breakfast
  • Local Chapter Recognition Event
  • Academic Committee Meeting
  • 5K Race
  • Closing Ceremony with SESHA Business Update & Awards

More Information

For more information about SESHA and the Symposium is located on the SESHA website. If you have questions about SEMI’s role in SESHA, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose).

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