2016 Akira Inoue Award - Call for Nominations

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2016 SEMI Outstanding EHS Achievement Award (inspired by Akira Inoue) 

Call for Nominations

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2016 SEMI Outstanding EHS Achievement Award - Inspired by Akira Inoue. SEMI established the Award to recognize significant EHS contributions to the semiconductor industry by individuals working in companies, research institutes and universities.

If you know an individual whose demonstrated EHS achievements should be recognized, please take the time to submit their name in consideration for this award.

Award Criteria

The following criteria must be considered when making your nomination. The nomination must include a description of supportable and significant EHS achievements.

Demonstrated Contribution

Candidates should have demonstrated contributions that could be characterized in one or both of the following ways:

1. Leadership: Person actively involved in influencing the industry, who acts as a model for the global industry and whose achievements are not limited to internal activity within one company.

2. Innovation: Person primarily responsible for demonstrating innovation in the development of new manufacturing processes, products or materials that significantly reduced negative EHS impacts in the industry. The recipient can be either the originator of the concept / process / equipment or one who has made significant enhancements and additions to the concept that enabled its successful use.

There are many contributions that affect specific, narrow areas. Some of these may be worthy of an award. But preference is given to those contributions that are of a broad nature, having significance to the overall semiconductor industry. Commercial success is important but not a major criterion for nomination or selection.

Award nominee(s) will be evaluated on the basis of the impact and strategic value to the industry.


The nominee’s contribution must demonstrate measurable value to the industry. A measure of the impact could be through published authoritative papers, or in industry publications outlining the successes of the program, or by word of mouth, or by implementation as “standard practice,” or improvement in EHS metrics. The program must be singled out as contributing to or effecting change in the industry.

Strategic Value

The contribution must have demonstrated its strategic value to the industry. It could have possibly impacted the business-model-norm of the industry or spawned a whole new industry initiative.

Nominations Process

If you would like to nominate a colleague for the Akira Inoue Award, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose) by email at sbaliga@semi.org. Baliga will provide suggestions for making the nominations package more effective. Well-prepared packages include supporting documentation such as a biography of the nominee, technical papers or patents related to the contribution, other articles discussing the contribution, metrics showing quantifiable EHS improvements, and letters endorsing the nominee.

The SEMI EHS Executive Committee reviews and votes on all nominees. No more than one award will be made in any year, and the Committee reserves the right not to make an award.

More Information

For additional information, please contact Sanjay Baliga (Senior Manager, EHS in San Jose).