SEMI Launches Electronic Forum for PV EHS Information (January 2009)

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SEMI Launches Electronic Forum for Photovoltaic (PV) Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Information

The PV industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years, placing enormous pressures on EHS needs and practices in the industry. Operating in dozens of countries, hundreds of new production facilities have recently come on line and thousands of new workers are interfacing with complex and potentially dangerous production processes. One of the challenges to ensuring that effective hazard controls are in place at PV manufacturing facilities, wherever they may be located, is to develop an effective means for sharing EHS knowledge on an industry-wide scale.

As a first step, SEMI created an EHS Training and Education Initiative targeting the PV industry. SEMI plans to conduct PV EHS workshops at upcoming SEMICON and SOLARCON events in Asia, Europe and the US.

As another step, SEMI recently launched an electronic web-based forum for the exchange of PV EHS knowledge and information. Accessing the forum is free, but users must register with a valid email address. This site is intended to provide a forum for the open exchange of non-commercial and non-proprietary information and ideas.

SEMI urges its members, customers, and partners to join the PV EHS Forum. Please click on the URL below and then click on the “Request to join” link on the right side of the webpage:

For more information, please contact Aaron Zude (Senior Director, EHS, San Jose) at

Updated: January 26, 2009