Silane Safety Seminar in Europe (November 2008)

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SEMI Co-Sponsors November 2008 Silane Safety Seminar in Europe

Silane has widespread use in the semiconductor fabrication industry and has been used in commercial quantities since the mid 1960's, when the first Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturers began operations. In those early days, there was little information available on the safe handling of Silane or its behavior when released.

Numerous incidents, involving fire and explosions, occurred during use, handling, transportation and manufacturing. Over the last 40 years, considerable studies have been conducted to better understand the properties of Silane and a range of safety standards have been developed based on these studies. In the 1980s and 1990s, a series of Silane technical and safety seminars were conducted in the United States and Europe. These seminars created the awareness of potential problems, and helped to drastically reduce the number of incidents and/or their potential severity.

Within the last ten years, LCD and PV manufacturers have expanded significantly. In 2008, these manufacturers will use more Silane than IC companies. Recently, significant incidents have occurred with the use of Silane, highlighting the need to reinforce safe handling procedures. Air Products launched and championed the Silane safety efforts in late 2005. Since a majority of the semiconductor industry is based in Asia, the first seminars were conducted in Taiwan (May 2006), Korea (January 2007), Singapore (December 2007) and USA (March 2008). These were a huge success, with over 1000 attendees.

The next in the series of seminars will take place at IMEC in Leuven, Belgium on November 5, 2008, again with an excellent line up of knowledgeable and experienced speakers. The event is being organized by SSA Europe and co-sponsored by SEMI.

Complete details, including an agenda and registration information are available at For more information, please contact Al Brown ( or Aaron Zude (