Moving Forward (by Bob Akins)

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Moving Forward

By Bob Akins

Co-Founder and CEO of Cymer, Inc. (San Diego, California, USA)

Chairman of SEMI International Board of Directors

The following article is reprinted, in part, from the SEMI Quarterly Update published in the summer 2008. The original article published in full, is located here.

It is an honor to serve as the incoming chairman of the SEMI International Board of Directors. For nearly 40 years, the global membership, board and staff have supported the industry’s efficient expansion and provided resources to help members grow. I’m pleased to contribute to the association and to have this opportunity to share the strategic directions we plan to emphasize in the months ahead.

Stan Myers and I agree that an important focus for SEMI this year will be the extension of the work that’s been done to address sustainability. Jerry Coder, past chairman of the SEMI Board, identified the imperative for our association to build upon and strengthen the Global Care principles that promote environmental, health and safety (EHS) leadership in the industry. With increasing attention to climate change, energy conservation and environmental stewardship, SEMI will be developing more specific approaches to address the challenges and opportunities faced by members around the world. As a global organization, SEMI leverages best practices and facilitates industry dialogue to help all members become and stay effectively attentive to environmental issues. As an industry, we are technology leaders, and we will continue our environmental leadership as well.

I encourage you to use SEMI to improve your business, your products, and the planet. SEMI is there to help us all move forward, and by working in this manner we can look to a greener, more profitable, and successful future overall.