REACH Webcast (September 2008)

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Semiconductor Industry REACH Informational Webcast –
Regulatory Impacts on Articles (Including Equipment and Devices)

Date and Time

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 – The live webcast has ended. Presentation materials and recordings are available below.


EU REACH regulations are the most ambitious chemical policy change in history. The regulations create new responsibilities up and down the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, from substrates to equipment to devices.

For the past year, SEMI, ESIA, ISMI, and SESHA have been collaborating to exchange information across the semiconductor industry supply chains for REACH compliance and conformance. To extend this information sharing to a broader range of interested parties, these groups are co-sponsoring a set of REACH-related informational webcasts.

The second of these, held on Tuesday, September 30, focused on the potential impacts of REACH Regulations on Articles, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and semiconductor devices / products. This ninety (90) minute webcast was broadcast live. Speakers each presented for 20 minutes, followed by a 30 minute question and answer session.


  • Dr. Angela Oppitz is the Director of ESH for Qimonda AG. She is the Global Coordinator for chemical management at Qimonda, and is responsible for managing ESH issues concerning dangerous cargo and laser and radiation safety. Angela has served as the Chairperson of the European delegation (ESIA) within the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) and organized ISESH conference in Malta 2005. She is the Chairperson of the German ZVEI chemicals working group. Angela has a PhD in solid state chemistry from the University of Regensburg.
  • Mr. Lauren Crane has been working in the semiconductor industry since 1985, and with product regulatory issues since 1995. He joined Applied Materials in 2001, and is currently a Product Regulatory Analyst in their Corporate Product EHS organization. Lauren’s involvement with chemical regulatory issues began in 2005, and he has been focusing the last 2 years on REACH and other European Union chemical legislation.
  • Mr. Steven Roberge is the Director of EHS for Axcelis Technologies, Inc. He is responsible for personnel safety at Axcelis, worldwide, as well as managing Product EHS issues concerning Ion Implanters, Ashers, Photostabilizers and Rapid Thermal Processors. Steve has served as President of the Semiconductor Environmental Safety and Health Association (SESHA) and Editor of the SESHA Journal. Steve has more than 18 years EHS experience in the semiconductor industry, all with Axcelis / Eaton.


  • Dawn Speranza – SESHA
  • Sanjay Baliga – SEMI


  • “REACH – Manufacturing and Import of Articles and Information Exchange Along the Supply Chain” – Dr. Oppitz provided insight in the legal obligations of different roles under REACH and explained those by giving some examples. (20 Minutes)
  • "REACH Materials Concepts" – Mr. Crane described the REACH concepts of substances, preparations and articles as explained in ECHA guidance documents, with a few practical examples. (20 Minutes)
  • “REACH Impacts on Axcelis: A North American Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer” – As a manufacturer of semiconductor process equipment located outside the European Union, Mr. Roberge explained the impact of REACH on Axcelis. (20 Minutes)
  • Question and Answer Session (30 Minutes)


This webcast was presented FREE of charge.


Since the webcast has ended, registration is no longer available.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available below.

Audio / Video Recording

Audio / video recordings will be made available shortly. Please check back.

More Information

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* SEMI: Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International; SESHA: Semiconductor Environmental, Health and Safety Association, ESIA: European Semiconductor Industry Association, ISMI: International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative