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SEMI EHS Grapevine


The SEMI Environmental, Health & Safety (SEHS) Grapevine is an electronic forum for people interested in environmental, health and safety technology, regulations and standards worldwide. The Grapevine forum is intended for sharing of public, but specialized technical or compliance environmental health and safety information related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Over 500 industry professionals currently subscribe to the Grapevine.


To subscribe as a SEHS Grapevine member, please visit the Grapevine Subscription Page. We request that you fill in the form and read the Terms and Conditions (see below). The form will be sent to the SEMI Grapevine administrator who will then add you to the list. This normally takes one business day. You will then be a member until you unsubscribe.

Sending Messages

Once you’re a Grapevine member, you can send a message to all other Grapevine members using a single email sent to the following address:

All email messages sent to the Grapevine are archived.

Message Archives

To view archived messages, please visit the Grapevine Archives Page. You will be asked for your e-mail address (and, optionally, your password) to access the archives. You can search the archives by clicking the “Search” tab. You can also reply directly to archived emails by clicking the reply button at the bottom of any archived email.

Managing Your Account

To manage your Grapevine account, click on the “My Account” tab. Here, you can reset the way you receive e-mails from the Grapevine; including stopping your e-mails temporarily while you’re on vacation.

You can also set your own password. SEMI does not assign passwords to Grapevine users, but you may add your own here. If you forget your password when you next enter the archives, you can ask for one to be sent to your e-mail address. SEMI encourages Grapevine members to set and use a password.


To unsubscribe to the Grapevine, please send an email with the phrase “unsubscribe sehs” (no quotes) in the subject field to the following email address:

Otherwise, you can open the Grapevine Archives Page and click on the “My Forums” tab. Click “unsubscribe” in the right hand column of the table for the “sehs” forum.


SEHS Grapevine postings are the sole responsibility of the message originators. The individuals, companies, and organizations involved in providing this service do not assure the correctness or viability of any information distributed by the SEHS list server, nor do we accept any responsibility for the use of any SEHS distributed information. The SEHS Grapevine is provided as a service to SEMI members and other interested parties in the semiconductor industry, and is owned and operated by SEMI.

Terms and Conditions

1. Correspondence should be limited to information or queries relating to the environmental health and safety requirements impacting the semiconductor industry only.

2. Shared information should not be confidential or in any way proprietary.

3. Please don't use the SEHS for simple correspondence. Private correspondence should be addressed directly, unless it has broad appeal or interest. Remember, if you wish to reply privately to a Grapevine posting to “forward” your email to the sender’s email address; “replying” to a Grapevine posting will send your message out to all Grapevine members.

4. Blatant or overt advertising of goods or services is not permitted. Exceptions:

  • Short, non-promotional "trailers" or signature lines for the sole purpose of identifying the sender and the sender's organization.
  • Answers to queries about goods or services, where the intent of the answer is to inform, but not promote. (When in doubt, send the questioner a private message.)
  • This guideline is specific to the use of the SEHS Grapevine list server, and in no way inhibits individuals from contacting SEHS members privately and independently.

(NOTE: Experience has shown that violation of this policy is most likely to bother other Grapevine users. Even implicit advertising, for example through posting of announcements of free, technical symposia sponsored by for-profit companies, is usually disapproved of by a significant number of Grapevine members.)

5. Posting of job openings is not OK. The same goes for jobs-wanted postings.

6. Using key words in the title or subject line will assist members who archive the message traffic and may wish to search it later. Suggested keywords include: Philosophy, Documentation, Electrical, Ergonomics, Fire Protection, Mechanical, Seismic, Acoustics, Chemicals, Ionizing Radiation, Non-ionizing Radiation, Environmental, Labels, SDO (Standards Developing Organizations), AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction), Cleanroom, Risk, IH (Industrial Hygiene), Harmonization, etc.

7. Agree to the following rules, that I will not:

  • Participate in non-semiconductor environmental, health and safety-related discussions.
  • Offer for sale products or services.
  • Disparage the products or services of another company or individual.
  • Impersonate or represent SEMI, SEMI staff or another industry professional.
  • Harvest email addresses for any purpose.
  • Use racially or ethnically offensive language.
  • Discuss or incite illegal activity.
  • Use explicit/obscene language or solicit sexually explicit images (actual or simulated).
  • Harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to a SEHS Grapevine participant that is unwanted.
  • Queries or requests for information should be focused and brief.
  • Respondents should be careful about endorsements--when in doubt, - don't.

Hints for Proper Use

The following hints are recommended for proper use of the Grapevine:

  • Use a password for greater security (see above).
  • If you are going to be out of the office, please use the exact words, “Out of the office” in the subject line of the automatic message your mail utility sends out on your behalf during your absence. The Grapevine software will not forward messages with this specific subject line on to other members.
  • If you can, please add to your spam filter’s white list to ensure delivery.
  • If at all possible, do not use an AOL account with the Grapevine. AOL is well-known for blocking mail from list servers, and their users cannot unblock it.
  • Remember when you “reply” to a Grapevine email, your message will go to all active Grapevine members. Please cut and paste the individual sender’s email address and “forward” your reply to that address, if you intend to send a message to that individual only.
  • The purpose of the Grapevine is to share EHS knowledge relevant to the semiconductor industry, so please “reply” to most questions. Only “forward” your reply to the individual seeking information, if you are concerned you might breach Grapevine policy by “replying” to everyone, or you think your answer won’t be of broad appeal.
  • The SEHS Grapevine list server is provided as a service to the semiconductor industry by SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International). SEMI reserves the right to remove any email message from the archives; or to stop any member’s account at its discretion.

More Information

For more information, please contact SEMI Senior Manager, Sanjay Baliga by telephone at 1.408.943.6957 or by email at