ISS Europe 2017 Enabling Innovation through Integrated Solutions

ISS Europe 2017: Enabling Innovation through Integrated Solutions

Integration of Digital Systems Empowering Innovation and Shaping the Value Chain

The value chain of automotive manufacturers is undergoing fundamental changes that are an opportunity for Europe's economy. The increasing integration of digital systems is shaping the industries’ landscape and the capability to innovate the value chain is necessary to retain and sustain the competitive advantage on topics such as autonomous connected driving.

Cooperation in different networks is emerging and becoming more important for the development of new value chains. Integrated solutions are meeting the increasing demands of reliability and performance, and supply relations are adapting, from horizontal to vertical models. "For us as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), the 3D integration is an exciting technology that will be integrated into the systems and mobility concepts of the future. However, we are relying on the collaboration with semiconductor manufacturers," says Berthold Hellenthal, responsible for Robust Design / component testing at Audi AG. "Many improvements and innovations come from direct collaboration with semiconductor manufacturers, which we then transfer into the supply chain."

The keys to the functional safety of the advanced technologies are Deep Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence. “Deep Learning is already being used in the automotive industry. We are seeing the adoption of very advanced processes for their High Performance Computing capabilities, which are enabling innovation in for example autonomous driving systems. Giving Cars the Power to Sense, Think, and Learn.” says Dan Kochpatcharin, senior director, TSMC Europe.

In Europe, the combination of established automotive industry and semiconductor manufacturing represents a real competitive advantage. The key lies in the cross-sectoral cooperation. An example is the consortium 5G Automotive Associations, in which automotive manufacturers, suppliers, semiconductor industry and mobile network providers jointly develop solutions, merge synergies and define new standards.

Audi and TSMC are two of the leading companies presenting at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium Europe (ISS-Europe).  ISS-Europe is an exclusive event that explores the new landcape while putting you in touch with new opportunities, potential partners, and most all, vital intelligence to help you navigate the changing playing field. The three sessions explore the diverse landscape and challenges facing the industry today:

  • Creating New Markets and Opportunities – IC Insights, Infineon, NXP Semiconductors, Mentor Graphics Europe
  • Applications: Driving the Value Chain
    • Automotive – Audi AG, Osram GmbH, and Leti
    • Digital Health – Dresden University Hospital, Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Smart Manufacturing – Bosch, Fabmatics, and Kuka Roboter GmbH
  • Technology: Innovation Enabling the Value Chain – Compound Semiconductor Centre, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and TSMC Europe BV

Strategic discussions await participants of ISS Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany) from March 5-7.  Register here. For further information, please visit:


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February 14, 2017