Introducing the Sustainable Manufacturing eForum (SMeF)

By Sanjay Baliga, Director of Sustainable Manufacturing, SEMI Global Headquarters

Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One of the most important benefits that SEMI provides is its ability to connect members and industry partners with each other to facilitate industry-wide dialogue. Such industry-wide dialogue is essential if we want to identify, prioritize and solve industry-wide problems, especially when those problems span regions, industries, and segments. Since the early days of the SEMI EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Division, SEMI has accomplished much through industry-wide dialogue.

To extend our ability to connect industry professionals with each other, SEMI will launch a new online communications platform, called the Sustainable Manufacturing eForum (abbreviated as 'SMeF'). I am pleased to announce this important new SEMI service, available to members and industry partners, free-of-charge.

What is the Sustainable Manufacturing eForum?

The Sustainable Manufacturing eForum is an online communications platform to connect SEMI members and partners with each other to facilitate industry-wide dialogue on sustainable manufacturing problems and solutions. SMeF is a peer-to-peer network of individuals sharing information / questions / concerns about sustainable manufacturing topics. More specifically, SMeF is an internet-based platform where individuals connect to larger communities using standard email or by accessing community webpages. SMeF is designed to complement what SEMI does in terms of information-sharing at our tradeshows, webcasts, and within our working groups and committees. SMeF will formally be launched on July 1, 2016 but you can sign up now to participate (see below on signing up).

How Will SMeF Operate?

SMeF is a peer-to-peer network of individuals sharing information / questions / concerns about sustainable manufacturing topics. After signing up to SMeF, you will be able to communicate with other industry professionals. You do so sending simple email messages to an email distribution list or otherwise, by accessing SMeF webpages online.

When SMeF launches on July 1, five Public Communities will be created that are available to SEMI members and non-members. These five Public Communities will focus on the following topical areas:

  • Best Practices
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology Integration
  • Supply Chain Coordination
  • Leadership

When you sign up to the SMeF, you can join one or more of these five Public Communities. You can also join or leave any of these Public Communities at a later date. It's up to you to decide in which SMeF Communities to participate.

Later this year, SEMI will create additional Member Communities. Your SEMI membership will be validated before joining these Member Communities. Existing SEMI global working groups and committee that operate under the auspices of the SEMI EHS Division will be moved to these newly created Member Communities later this year. Details of this transition will be addressed over the next few months. Once these Member Communities are created, it's up to you to decide if you want to participate.

    How Do I Sign Up to Join the SMeF?

    If you would like to join and participate in SMeF, please visit our SMeF webpage here:

    >>> Click Here for Complete Informatoin About the SEMI Sustainable Manufacturing eForum (SMeF) <<<

    If you have any questions about SMeF, please feel free to reach out to me at I look forward to connecting with you on the SEMI Sustainable Manufacturing eForum.

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    Global Update
    June 28, 2016