Inside Look at the September 2017 SEMI FabView

By Christian Dieseldorff and Dan Tracy, SEMI

With the Q2 earning season behind us, there are still many fab activities going on around the globe in the device manufacturing sector. SEMI FabView, a mobile-friendly, interactive version of SEMI’s popular World Fab Forecast, offers on-demand fab information such as fab spending and capacity for over 1,100 facilities, including over 60 future facilities, across industry segments from Analog, Power, Logic, MPU, Memory, and Foundry to MEMS and LED fabs.

The following are some examples of recent notifications that SEMI FabView subscribers have received:

  • Toshiba: Announced new flash fab in Kitakami, Iwate
    Toshiba reactivated their plan for Kitakami City in Iwate to be the next location to expand Flash memory operations with construction targeted to begin in 2018. The best estimate is that this will be built similar to Fab 6 in Yokkaichi (in 2 phases). However, construction cost may be larger as they need to invest in support buildings for the 300mm fab (this is the first 300mm fab there).
  • Cleanroom expansion in Chengdu by GLOBALFOUNDRIES in China
    SEMI has increased the forecast for GLOBALFOUNDRIES cleanroom size in Chengdu (Fab 11) ─ which will place the cleanroom among the largest in the world. The cleanroom will be ramped in phases, eventually being partitioned like Malta.
  • Increased probability and capacity of Winbond's Memory fab in Taiwan
    SEMI increased the probability of the planned 300mm Memory fab (Lujhu fab) by Winbond in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Capacity and investment of the project have been adjusted accordingly. SEMI  estimates that construction will start in 1H18.
  • Samsung Semiconductor increases capex from US$15 billion to $19 billion in 2017
    If Samsung Semiconductor follows through with its planned investments, total capex (construction and equipment for Frontend and Backend) for 2017 will be in the range of US$19 billion. The largest spending segments will be for 3D NAND and Logic (including Foundry). Spending in 2017 for DRAM will be about same as 2016 but is expected to be much larger in 2018.
  • Pull-in schedule for 200mm fab by Tacoma in China
    Amid the new partnership between Tacoma and TowerJazz (August 21, 2017), SEMI pulled-in the project schedule for phase 1 of the new 200mm fab in Nanjing, China. The company has not announced a project schedule but production is expected to start by the end of 2018. Phase 1 started construction in June 2016.

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SEMI FabView is a 24x7 online platform with content derived from the SEMI Fab database. It offers summary as well as detailed information about fabs for laptop or mobile device. It is an online version of the Excel-based fab database that is updated with greater frequency with a user-friendly interfaceFab data include region, start of construction, operation, construction and equipment spending, capacity, wafer sizes, product types, geometries, etc.

Global Update
September 26, 2017