December 16, 2009 CAST Test Cell Test Cell Communication/Yield Enhancement Work Group

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CAST Test Cell Test Cell Communication/Yield Enhancement Work Group
December 16
9:00am - 4:00am
3081 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134

CAST invites all interested parties to contribute to our upcoming workshop aimed at focusing on a set of items identified at last month's meeting (click here to view updates from the October 6 meeting). The intent of this meeting is to select the tester as our focus and define a set of specifications to move forward with. The first set of suggested specifications are listed below.

Expected Outcome: Generate a specification for interacting with a tester inside of a test cell. In essence, we'll be defining a "portal" to access the tester in a standardized fashion. We will continue to define and extend the SECS/GEM standards.


Propose existing specification as "starting points" for the overall interaction specification.

  • For the low level communication ( ethernet )
    (There is also an authentication spec )

SEMI E37 and E37.1 ( ethernet)

  • For message format


  • For message content
    Potential for STDF and wafer maps to be
    encapsulated as well

SEMI E39 ( object services)

  • For the model

SEMI E30,E122 (GEM and Tester ), IEEE 1450.4 ( flow )

  • Accept/Reject discussion with the group
  • Wrap-up

*Standards access will be given to active participants.