Industrial Development Innovation at the Fifth China OLED Industry Forum

Industrial Development Innovation at the Fifth China OLED Industry Forum

On May 19, 2017, over 300 experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from the entire OLED supply chain attended the 5thChina OLED Industry Forum, held in Gu’an of Hebei Province (Gu’an is 50km south of Tiananmen Square). The vice governor of Hebei Province, Xu Jianpei, presented, pointing out that the forum was an important opportunity to focus on a new generation of information technology, developing trends, and accelerating construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Innovation Community.

Former vice minister Yang Xueshan of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deputy director general Peng Hongbing of the Electronic Information Division at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deputy secretary general Pan Jiaofeng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and deputy director general Yu Jian of the Innovation Development Division at the Ministry of Science and Technology all spoke at the forum.

Cloud Valley’s 6th Generation AMOLED Project technology executive, Dr. Huang Xiuqi, discussed the status of the Cloud Valley Project in Gu’an, its construction plan and capital operation, technology innovations, and industrialization experience. Huang expressed that the Cloud Valley Project has a significant role in building the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei AMOLED Industrial Cluster, enabling the OLED industry to establish positional response, develop technology and build a market that is complementary to the Yangtze River Delta Cluster. (Note: The lead representative of the Yangtze River Delta Cluster, Kunshan Gvo Photoelectricity Co., Ltd., shares the same parent company as Cloud Valley.) Throughout his presentation, Huang emphasized that momentum, competitiveness, and cohesion are the key to the future of the OLED industry and that only by insisting on concentration, perseverance, and continuous innovation can we obtain a promising industrial future.

The speech given by BOE Display Business Group marketing director Wei Xing focused on the application prospects of flexible display technology, the layout and planning of BOE in the field of AMOLED, and the Chengdu 6th Generation Flexible AMOLED production line. The Chengdu production line was officially put into operation on May 11 of this year, marking a major breakthrough in AMOLED mass production. Wei Xing’s speech was humorous, interactive and engaging.

Ren Xueyan, general manager of Gu’an Eternal Material Technology (EMT), described the current status of OLED material markets around the world, illustrating the opportunities and challenges China faces in obtaining OLED materials. She analyzed the impact of intellectual property rights on all kinds of OLED materials, discussed international patents, and provided an update on the progress of EMT’s design and development of a new material product for electronic transmission (ETL).

The OLED Industry Forum also received attention from international equipment Rudolph Technologies. Application Technology Executive Keith Best from Rudolph shared best practices in the application of advanced photolithography technology in high pixel density OLED panel manufacturing. His description of Rudolph’s unique R2R flexible panel photolithography system left participants excited to learn more.

Guest lecturers from companies and institutions including LGD, Jinli, Longcheer Technology, Shanghai University, and Sigmaintell also shared their insights on the industry in very informative presentations.

Gu'an is the site of the first new industrial city in China that “integrates industry and city.” Over the past 15 years, Gu’an has become an example of how to balance the needs of development and industry, illustrating new ways to construct an integrated community. In 2006, the BOE M1 module factory project became one of the three pillar industries in Gu’an. Gradually, a large number of display industry upstream and downstream enterprises gathered in Gu’an and the region increased its influence. Ten years later, with the entrance of the 6th generation Cloud Valley AMOLED project, Gu’an became a hub for the new display industry in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

SEMI China is committed to promoting in-depth development of the semiconductor and display industry. The China OLED Industry Forum was jointly hosted by CODA, SEMI and the China OLED Industry Alliance, bringing together the three top institutions in the industry to provide technology information exchange between government, industry and academia. Through sharing technological achievements and discussing the future development direction of OLED display technology, the forum provided extensive value to the industry.

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June 30, 2017