Imaging Imagination Limits

Imaging Imagination Limits: Phones Lead Growth but Innovative Applications Expanding the Market

By Jean-Luc Jaffard, chairman of the SEMI Imaging Conference Committee

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28 September
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Imaging Imagination: After more than a decade of enormous expansion, thanks to the mobile market, imaging applications and technologies have become wide-spread and imagination, limitless. Attend the free SEMI webinar on September 28th and the SEMI Imaging Conference during SEMICON Europa 2016 to find out more.

To address the rising demands of the newest imaging systems in mobile, consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, and other technology applications, the Imaging Conference (25-26 October, Grenoble, France) will be introduced at SEMICON Europa 2016 to explore this surging market.  Until recently, the imaging market was based and fuelled primarily by mobile phone based applications. However, new technologies for imaging-based applications ─ including ranging and distance measurement, virtual and augmented reality, machine vision and multispectral imaging ─ are now being introduced. Computing technologies, in addition to sensors, are now essential parts in   the development of new solutions.

Covering a broad range of imaging systems, the two-day Imaging Conference, themed Imaging Imagination, at SEMICON Europa 2016 will explore the most advanced and innovative imaging applications and technologies to enable the next generations of imaging-related systems. Keynote speakers include:  Sony Corporation’s Teruo Hirayama, Corporate Executive/President of Device & Material R&D Group; Johan Hellquist, VP Products and Integration at Tobii AB; and Peter Seitz Adjunct, professor of optoelectronics, EPFL - Institute of Microengineering. The first day will address applications (mobile, automotive, industrial, and medical) and technologies (sensors, optics, processing, and packaging), while the second day will delve into specific implementation techniques.

According to Yole Developpement, the CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) market is expected to grow at a 10 percent CAGR in revenue in the five-year period from 2015 to 2020, growing from US$ 10.3 billion in 2015 to $18.8 billion in 2021. While many applications drive the integration of CMOS image sensors, mobile phones accounted for approximately 64 percent of total shipments in 2015.  But other new applications — including automotive and consumer — are set to drive the future growth of this industry. Automotive significantly contributes to the market growth with a 23 percent CAGR over 2015-2021 and should become the second largest CIS market by 2018.

Disruptive vision sensing technology is transforming all markets and image generation is less often intended for photography and more linked with intense image processing. Machines will have greater need for multiple sensor inputs for autonomy and interaction.  In a near future Robotics and Immersive technologies will again transform the imaging landscape

Key companies present at the Imaging Conference and exposition at SEMICON Europa include: Valeo, Tobii, Legrand, NVIDIA, Jabil, Fujifilm, Rambus, Invensas, DXO Labs, e2v and STMicroelectronics.  Many research centers will also be featured, such as — CEA-LETI, CSEM, Fondazion Bruno Kezler, IMEC, Fraunhofer, French Institute of Vision, Sevilla and Edinburgh Universities, and more. Start-ups and SMEs involved in the conference include: Aryballe, VivaMos, IrLynx, Miniswys, Consumer Physics, Espros, Pixalys, Polight, and Cogito instruments.

Imaging Imagination is an exceptional opportunity for visitors to learn more about the imaging industry evolution and the business opportunities arising from this growing technology.

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September 20, 2016