Henrik Hemmen - Advanced Conductive Films by Dielectrophoretic Alignment of Particles

Session 12: Conductors II

Advanced Conductive Films by Dielectrophoretic Alignment of Particles
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
1:55 PM - 2:15 PM

CondAlign AS is a technology development company located in Oslo, Norway. CondAlign develops a unique technology where an electric field is applied to polymer matrices to manipulate and align particles. The particles align due to dielectrophoresis and induced dipole-dipole interactions, allowing a wide range of particles and matrices to be used. After alignment, the viscous polymer-particle structures are fixated by curing the matrix.

Applications for the technology includes electrically and thermally conductive films, where the particle alignment permits a dramatic reduction of particle content, improved performance or added functionality. Without alignment, these materials are typically particle rich systems with concentrations above the percolation threshold.

The process is demonstrated and ready for scale up. The first commercial product will be biomedical electrodes, with expected market entry in 2017. For thermal applications, we have demonstrated over 100% improved thermal conductivity, compared with non-aligned samples.

At FLEX2017, Condalign will explain the basic principles of its technology and present a couple of applications under development.


Speaker's Biography

Henrik Hemmen is the CTO of CondAlign. He received his PhD in physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. During his research, Henrik worked on nanoparticle self organization, transport through porous media, basic physical properties of clays, as well as capture and sequestration of CO2. Since 2012, Henrik has been leading the technology development in CondAlign, with a strong focus on bringing the technology from the research lab to the market.


Henrik Hemmen