Guidelines - ASMC Breaking News

"Breaking News" Requirements for ASMC 2019
1. Perishable news (​work of interest to 2019 attendees, but of much diminished interest in 2020.)
2. ​Work has more immediate value to those attending ​ASMC 2019, and work might be quickly adopted by attendees.  
3. Work must be unique. i.e. not an extension of prior work.
4. Work ​previously ​declined in current year abstract review is not eligible ​for consideration.
5. ​Work will not be published in ASMC ​2019 ​proceedings.
6.  Abstracts must use the ASMC template.
7. Author will be notified of acceptance by April 2, 2019, and must provide a poster, per conference guidelines by April 30, 2019
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