Great Moments in Semiconductor History

Great Moments in Semiconductor History Personal Stories from Pioneers in Semiconductor Manufacturing

By SEMI ©2005

Running Time: 28 minutes

Format: DVD

The discovery of the transistor at Bell Telephone Labs in 1947 has been called one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It was followed just over 10 years later by the development of the integrated circuit. Over the subsequent decades, innovators came up with novel methods to package and test ICs and developed special manufacturing processes using plasma and ion implantation.

To celebrate these achievements, in 1980 SEMI commissioned artist James DeLeon to produce a series of painting depicting Great Moments in Semiconductor History. Using video interview with participants and observers, images of the paintings and archival photographs, this documentary program reveals some fo the personal stories behind the “Great Moments”.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction by Stan Myers
  • Chapter 2: The Transistor, featuring Michael Riordan
  • Chapter 3: The Integrated Circuit, featuring jack Killby and Robert Noyce
  • Chapter 4: Silicon, featuring Robert Lorenzini
  • Chapter 5: IC Packaging, featuring Gerald (Skip) Fehr
  • Chapter 6: Epitaxial Deposition, featuring Michael McNeilly
  • Chapter 7: Lithography, featuring Burton Wheeler and Griffith Resor
  • Chapter 8: Automatic Testing, featuring Alex d’Arbeloff
  • Chapter 9: Specialty Gases
  • Chapter 10: Plasma Processing, featuring Steve Irving
  • Chapter 11: Ion Implantation, featuring Robert Palmer
  • Chapter 12: SEMICON, featuring Phil Gregory Jr.

Bonus Material

Restored digital images of the 12 original Great Moments Paintings, commissioned between 1980 and 1982.

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