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Descriptions for Projects RFP93-1 through RFP04-113 available upon request.

RFP 13-164 — Fabrication and demonstration of scatterable media. The design, development and fabrication of rugged media cards capable of delivering a 30 second audio message. The cards were based on printed and flexible electronics technologies where feasible, and conventional electronic devices where necessary, to achieve the desired functionality and form factor.

RFP 13-163  — This project sought to produce gas/vapor exposure sensors using an all-printed deposition process on plastic substrates. The immediate targets were real-time and integrating dosimetric ammonia sensors based on organic field effect transistors that were sensitized for ammonia detection.

RFP 13-162 — A flexible, conformal platform for sensor monitoring and data communication. Develop and demonstrate a sensor platform that leverages printed components and silicon-on-polymer technology to achieve a thin, conformable and lightweight form factor. A sensing system that has a reusable portion comprised of a power source, microcontroller, display and wireless communication channel and an interchangeable or disposable portion, that could be chosen by the user based on the application that provides sensing of relevant parameters. Applications include vital sign monitoring, environmental monitoring, point-of-care diagnostics, structural health monitoring and many others.

RFP 13-161 — A fully integrated, printed, self-rechargeable wireless sensor node for engine and motor condition monitoring. This project sought to develop a fully integrated, printed, wireless sensor node prototype for engine condition monitoring by utilizing several printing methods, including flexographic, dispenser, and screen, that would harvest and store enough energy from the waste heat of the engine to keep the equipment in operation well beyond that of typical sensor nodes.

RFP 12-160 — Print manufacturing of ultrathin, flexible, and rechargeable batteries for flexible electronics and displays applications. This project sought to expand the performance characteristics of printed, flexible Zn rechargeable batteries to a level applicable to flexible display, wireless and energy harvesting devices with high functionality, included the development of low-cost, thin, rechargeable batteries using scalable printing and coating equipment, consistent with a generalized need for flexible, high capacity, multilayer, large area flexible battery stacks.

RFP 12- 159 — Acceleration in the development of fully printed sensor systems, including developing and manufacturing a printed sensor platform. Development of commercial printed memory architecture suitable for receiving data from sensors, developing the sensor management logic to interface a resistive temperature sensor to the memory logic and a blood oxygen sensor in very early stages of development.

RFP 12-158 — This project explored the process technology required to scale up and print functional devices using a commercial printing press, focus on the limits and needs of gravure printing in terms of image carriers, the required functional inks and design rules for scale up and industrial printing of electronics.

RFP 12-157 — Large Area R2R in-line surface metrology instrument development.

RFP 12-156 — Characterizations of screen printing low-viscosity ink to produce thin ink films and small features for printed electronics applications.

RFP 11-154  — Develop an integrated wireless sensor system for medical triage based on strain-mitigated printed circuit board, low-power microcontroller, segmented flexible electrophoretic display (EPD), energy harvesting using photovoltaics and thermoelectric generators, Bluetooth wireless interface, and a complete physiological sensor suite including ECG, pulse-ox, skin temperature, respiration rate (motion detection), EPG, and blood pressure.

RFP 10-153 Flexible Glass Substrates — Develop commercially viable methods for continuous printed electronic manufacturing on flexible glass substrates. The general substrate design and process methods identified will be applicable to a wide range of applications including sensors, energy harvesting and storage, displays, and solid state lighting. The project goal is to demonstrate working devices made by roll-to-roll printing technologies. It will rely on selected organic photovoltaic (PV) devices to evaluate program progress and demonstrate the benefits of flexible glass substrates.

RFP 09-152 — Supply six market reports, each having a different slant with the initial areas of focus to be displays and lighting, PV, RFID and sensors, printed electronics (inks and applications), organic electronics, and transparent conductors.

RFP 10-151 High-Speed Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) System — Develop a high-speed Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system. The system will enable the manufacture of large-area and flexible substrates for use in organic electronics, solar cells, biomedical devices, and displays. The high-speed ALD system is targeted to operate at the high volumes necessary for commercial roll-to-roll practices. ALD is an ideal coating technology because of its perfect, conformal, ultra-thin films that are scalable to large-area substrates.

RFP 09-150 Vacuum Processing and Coating of Flexible Webs — Develop a non-contact vacuum seal allowing for small, but potentially wide vacuum chambers appropriate for chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD) or other processes requiring deep vacuum. The project will enable small, low-cost vacuum or gas process modules for the manufacturing of web-based displays, photovoltaics, LED lighting, and printed batteries.

RFP 09-149 High Performance Polymers for OPVs — Advance the development high performance polymers for organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs) with more than 8% power conversion efficiency. These OPVs are expected to produce electricity at 10-20% of the cost of silicon solar cells, making them comparable to fossil fuels. OPV’s target applications include portable electronics, building integrated PVs, smart fabrics, sensors, military, and other applications.

RFP 09-148 Organic N-Channel Semiconductor Material — Develop high-performance solution-processable n-channel organic semiconductors enabling printed OTFT devices usable in CMOS circuits and displays. This study will provide printable n-channel semiconductors, an optimized CMOS materials platform, and progress in understanding fundamental n-channel material properties.

RFP 09-147 Tile E-paper Screens — Devise an interim alternative to truly foldable displays, i.e., large area displays which can be stored in a smaller format, using a rigid tiled approach. Mechanical fixtures and materials for electrical connections for a tiled array will be developed and prototyped.

RFP 09-146 Graphics Printing Tool Study — Provide benchmarking for conventional printing processes in roll to roll manufacturing of printed electronics components. Press trials will be conducted to examine numerous print variables in order to determine optimal conditions for the deposition of functional ink films on various substrates.

RFP 09-145 Etch Source for R2R Tool — Solve an unmet need of a plasma etching module for roll to roll etching of various dielectric films required for the evolving flexible electronics industry. Design and build a plasma etch module to be added on to a section of the General Vacuum roll to roll system located at the CAMM facility.

RFP 09-144 Template Filled Ink Jet for Color Filters — Develop a hybrid process for the fabrication of flexible color filters for reflective displays. High resolution, high speed imprinting is used to create a template which is then filled with color inks using economical, additive, inkjet printing. The template improves on the resolution of inkjet and the uniformity of the filter density.

RFP 09-143 Materials Registry — Create the FlexTech Alliance Materials Registry to assist scientists and engineers in the flexible, printed industry with an accurate repository of technical information on the commercially available and developmental materials, inks, and substrates necessary to accelerate product and process development activities.

RFP 09-142 Roll to Roll Sputtering Tool — Build and characterize a production web/roller coater to understand requirements and characteristics of handling plastic substrate films for the manufacturing of flexible electronics on a continuous web. The web coater is being developed for use in commercializing flexible display communications and other flexible electronics products for military and commercial applications, such as medical sensors, solid state lighting, and solar cells.

RFP 08-140 Roll to Roll Printing of Microoptics — Provide a set of specific process steps and control parameters for the high resolution deposition of a conductor suitable for a roll to roll (R2R) environment transition using the Xennia inkjet system. The project intends to provide a direct comparison of the inkjet patterning process vs. other conductor patterning processes available in the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing.

RFP 08-138 Transparent Substrates — Develop for commercialization a clear, colorless, polymer, flexible substrate to be used in information display devices that require high temperature processing. Laboratory cast sample sheets of films will be used for characterization by Akron Polymer Systems (APS) and further evaluation and sampling by APS’ potential customers as well as FlexTech members.

RFP 08-137, 137A Display Market Reports — Supply reports covering topics of flat panel display (FPD) business conditions, FPD market growth, FPD technology developments and FPD manufacturing plans.

RFP 08-136A Literature Translation — Translate specified literature. Translation 1: Fuji Chimera Research Report: Trends and Forecasts on Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Equipment and Materials (2009).

RFP 07-135 Plasma Etch Processing Systems — Deliver potentially useful process and materials to meet the industry need for plasma etching sources for roll to roll (R2R) and other large panels used in the manufacture of flexible displays. Leverage source etching and product development knowledge acquired in the semiconductor industry to modify an existing Crystal Etch system.

RFP 07-133 Metal Oxide TFTs — Provide high-performance, low cost, low temperature processed TFT solutions for flexible displays. For phase 1, develop metal-oxide semiconductor materials and evaluate performance and process compatibility for AMOLED arrays.

RFP 07-132 Roll to Roll Aerosol Jet Printing — Develop a printing platform for next-generation devices, such as high-density circuitry for printable electronics, displays and photovoltaic cells. The new printing system will use a multi-nozzle aerosol jet deposition that eliminates the need for screens or stencils required by traditional contact deposition processes, enabling finer resolution and reducing environmental impact

RFP 07-131, 131F Metal Foil Substrates — Identify promising material candidates with parameters for improving yields on metal backplanes for flexible displays. This study will assess the costs associated with each foil in a high-volume manufacturing environment, enabling selection of more cost-effective approaches to producing displays.

RFP 07-130 Polymer based Conductive Coatings — Create and demonstrate new conductive, transparent polymer-based coatings for use in flexible displays, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and other applications such as solar collectors and image sensors. The project’s goal is aimed at developing this alternative material for broader and more cost-effective commercial use.

RFP 07-129 Passivation/Planarization Material — Develop materials to prevent short circuits in leading-edge flexible electronics for devices used by the U.S. military services. Dvelop materials to be used in flexible displays, organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and flexible photovoltaics which will work to deliver cost of ownership advantages as compared to the technologies and approaches that are currently being employed.

RFP 07-128 ALD of High-k Materials at Low Temperatures (<= 200C) as Gate Dielectric — Meet the display industry’s need for high-k dielectric materials for use in the manufacture of flexible displays, by developing and testing a selection of low temperature dielectric processes via ALD for the specific application to flexible displays.

RFP 07-127 Ultra Low Power Electrophoretic Display Device Demonstration and Characterization - Address the military operational requirements of electrophoretic technology and demonstrate the attributes of electrophoretic technology in a portable display device for military users. This project involves modifying and characterizing (through environmental testing) the commercial E-Ink H2 color prototype for three key demanding military requirements: power, communication range and robustness.

RFP 07-127A Wearable Electrophoretic Display Device for Military Applications — This RFP is a modification of RFP 07-127. Tasks have been added to advance both reliability and producibility of wearable electrophoretic display devices for military users. Reliability tasks include investigation of protective surfaces, performance trades, test and evaluation. Producibility tasks include developing more compact, reliable wearable designs for prototyping

RFP 06-126 Encapsulation for Flexible OLED Displays  — Demonstrate the feasibility of thin film encapsulation technology on a wide variety of OLED structures in batch mode, and transfer technology to Flexible Display Center.

RFP 06-124 The Development of Daylight and Sunlight Display Readability Measurement Methods  — To measure in a robust and reproducible manner the character contrast of modern displays under daylight ambient condition so that their readability can be determined from character-contrast measurements.

RFP 06-123 Laser Sources for Projection Display  — This project will deliver a prototype 5W blue laser with speckle and stability performance required for high quality projection display systems. The laser will adapt reliable and low cost technology from the telecom industry including laser bars, thin film filters and high volume, automated packaging.

RFP 06-122 Volume Bragg Gratings for High Brightness Laser Illuminators in Projection Displays  — Improve the performance of volume bragg gratings for laser illumination sources by improving the transmission efficiency across the spectrum and reducing scatter.

RFP 06-121 Field Sequential Color AMLCD for Military and Avionics Applications  — Study, evaluate and qualify the application of Field Sequential Color AMLCD displays for use in military and avionics applications.

RFP 06-120 Display Reports for USDC Members -Subscription to Insight Media’s Mobile Displays Report for USDC members.

RFP 06-119 Display Reports for USDC Members  — Subscription to 5 Veritas et Visus display reports for USDC members which include: Display Standard, Flexible Substrate, 3rd Dimension, Touch Panel, and High Resolution.

RFP 05-118 Passivation Dielectric  — The objective is to develop a passivation dielectric material with one or more of the performance requirements described in the SOW. The key targets that are not currently provided by available materials are: thick films with low moisture uptake and low curing temperatures. These parameters are the primary targets of this Development Agreement. It is the goal to achieve the key targets without compromising other performance requirements when used on an appropriate substrate such as polyethyl naphthalene (PEN).

RFP 05-117 HIL Materials  — A PEDOT:PSS replacement HIL product for solution-processed & hybrid OLED displays that overcome the shortcomings of the incumbent. This will utilize a new approach of conductive polymer chemistry.

RFP 05-116 High-Temp TFT Process on CP  — Conduct an R&D project to develop the process technology and know-how to produce amorphous-silicon thin film transistors on a clear, high-temperature capable polymer substrate. The targeted outcome will be a clear flexible TFT backplane process with TFT performance identical to that on glass. There is no commercialization deliverable identified as Developed Equipment for this program.

RFP 05-115 Lamination Adhesives  — Investigate and develop adhesives capable of laminating organic polymer materials to rigid substrate materials, such as glass and silicon wafers, and which are able to withstand the chemistries and temperatures experienced in semiconductor processing without separation, and yet separate (delaminate) post-processing by thermal or other means without damage to the TFT substrate.