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November 28, 2017Summary of 2017FLEX South East Asia
November 7, 2017The 7th Chinese National Symposium on Flexible and Printed Electronics was Successfully held in Suzhou
November 4, 2017SEMI China set up a flexible electronic technology committee to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign industries
November 3, 2017Podcast: Amelia's Weekly Fish Fry podcast covers the latest innovations at the MEMS and Sensors Executive Congress 2018
October 30, 2017SEMI-FlexTech Selects PARC to Build Ultra-Thin, Flexible Audio Speaker
October 24, 2017Printed Electronics Insights: Smart Packaging & IoT Summary 
September 26, 20179 Views of Flexible Electronics - EETimes
August 16, 2017Flexible Hybrid Electronics & Sensors Impacting the Automotive Industry
June 30, 2017Take a photo tour of 2017FLEX
June 30, 20172017FLEX Returns to Monterey With More Applications, Exhibits and Energy
June 20, 2017Award Winners Announced at Flex2017
June 2, 2017FlexTech 2017: Creating Next Generation Products 
May 25, 2017SEMI | FlexTech and CPEIA Announce Partnership at CPES2017
May 25, 2017Growth Ahead for Flexible Hybrid Electronics Industry
May 15, 20172017FLEX Monterey Focuses on Accelerating to Manufacturing as Industry Growth Escalates
April 12, 2017SEMI Launches Successful 2017FLEX Japan
April 7, 2017FlexTech Invites Proposal for Development of Flexible Power, and Flexible and Printed Electronic Components
January 31, 2017FlexTech Announce Contract for Battery Development with ITN Energy Systems
December 8, 20162017FLEX Call for Papers - Now Open for Submission
October 11, 2016 NBMC Hosts 3rd Blood, Sweat & Tears Workshop - Nov. 2-3, 2016
July 18, 2016FlexTech FHE Forum Provides Insights From New-to-FHE Organizations @ SEMICON West 2016
June 14, 2016NextFlex Equipment Briefing for SEMICON West Attendees
June 13, 2016 FlexTech Joins Wearable TechCon Faculty
May 11, 2016FlexTech Completes Flexible Hybrid Electronics Projects With ENrG, nScrypt, and PARC
May 6, 2016 NextFlex Soliciting Second Round of Proposals for Accelerating Development and Adoption of Flexible Hybrid Electronics
May 4, 2016 Melissa Grupen-Shemansky Appointed SEMI's CTO for Flexible Electronics and Advanced Packaging
March 3, 20162016FLEX Features Innovative Manufacturing Trends, New Products And A Bright Industry Future
March 3, 2016 Outstanding Group of Companies and Individuals Receive FlexTech's FLEXI Awards for Flexible Electronics Innovation, R&D, and Leadership
February 16, 2016 2016FLEX Conference Poised to Highlight Eco-System Developments & Attract Over 600 Experts in Flexible Hybrid Electronics
November 23, 2015FlexTech Issues RFP for Thin Film Power Sources
October 21, 2015Thinfilm Receives $350K through FlexTech Alliance to Extend Sensor Platform
October 7, 2015SEMI Announces FlexTech Alliance as First Strategic Association Partner
August 28, 2015FlexTech Alliance Receives $75 Million Department of Defense Award to Create and Manage a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Facility
July 21, 2015SEMI International Printed Electronics Conference 2015
July 13, 2015FlexTech Announces Market-Ready Conclusion to 4D Technology Project
March 17, 2015Jennifer Ernst of Thinfilm Electronics Elected as Chair of FlexTech Alliance
March 5, 20152015FLEX Conference Reveals Market Pull and Attracts a Wide Variety of End Users
March 2, 2015FlexTech Recognizes Flexible Electronics Excellence with Annual FLEXI Awards
January 7, 2015FlexTech Alliance Announces 3 New Development Agreements
December 16, 2014FlexTech Applauds White House Selection of Flexible Hybrid Electronics as Key Technology Area for Manufacturing Initiative
December 3, 2014Industrial Internet Webinar Available Now for Viewing
November 13, 2014FlexTech Releases Preliminary Agenda for 2015FLEX
November 12, 2014WEBINAR: Markets for Sensors in the Industrial Internet
October 23, 2014NovaCentrix and nScrypt Team on FlexTech Alliance Contract for Advanced 3D Printing Tool
October 20, 2014Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium Selects Project Proposed by Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine to Optimize Human Performance Monitoring Techniques
October 7, 20142014 SGIA/FlexTech Printed Electronics Symposium is Almost Here
September 15, 2014FlexTech Alliance Issues 2015 Request for Proposals in Flexible, Printed Electronics
August 11, 2014FlexTech Alliance Announces 2015 FLEX Conference Theme, Call for Papers and Advisory Committee
July 1, 2014OPEN: Registration for the 2014 SGIA & FlexTech Printed Electronics Symposium
May 27, 2014FlexTech Project to Scale Up and Print Functional Devices on a Commercial Press Completed by Clemson University and PARC
May 23, 2014University of California - Berkeley and Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo Awarded $300,000 Printed Sensor Node Contract by FlexTech Alliance
May 19, 2014Imprint Energy Completes FlexTech Alliance's Printed Battery Project
May 15, 2014FlexTech Workshop Reveals End User Needs for Flexible Electronics
May 1, 2014FlexTech Alliance, Cal Poly Complete Screen Printing Study for Printed Electronics Applications
February 24, 2014The Flexible Electronics Revolution is Underway
February 10, 2014Manufacturers and Supply Chain Companies Gear Up for Flexible Electronics
February 6, 2014SGIA & FlexTech Partner to Provide Electronic Printing Community Best Opportunities
February 4, 20142014 FLEXI Awards Recognize R&D, Innovation and Education Achievements
February 4, 2014Flexible Electronics at Tipping Point
February 4, 2014FlexTech Announces 2014 FLEXI Awards
January 23, 2014John Hopkins University Awarded $237,000 Printable and Flexible Sensor Contract by FlexTech Alliance
December 13, 2013Soligie Receives Two R&D Awards from FlexTech Alliance
December 12, 2013FlexTech Alliance Introduces Wearable and Disposable Electronics Users Groups
December 9, 2013FlexTech Issues 2014 Request for Proposals in Flexible, Printed Electronics
July 8, 2013Flexible and Printed Electronics: Approaching the Tipping Point
June 6, 2013Project 154: A Flexible Medical Triage Bandage that Displays and Communicates Vital Signs to Handheld Communications Device
April 16, 2013BioSensor Workshop and Tour Summary
February 19, 2013FlexTech Alliance Elects Keith Rollins Chairman of the Board
February 6, 2013Flex Conference 2013 Focuses on Multi-Market Applications for Flexible, Printed Electronics
January 31, 2013FlexTech Alliance Announces 2013 FLEXI Award Winners, Recognizing Accomplishments in Flexible and Printed Electronics
January 30, 2013Air Force Award to FlexTech Alliance Will Accelerate Development of New Nano-Bio Devices
January 7, 2013Clemson University and PARC Receive Award from FlexTech Alliance to Transfer Functional Printing from Laboratory to Commercial Scale
December 19, 2012FlexTech Alliance Partners with 4D Technology to Develop a New Metrology System for Roll-to-Roll Electronics Manufacturing
December 18, 2012FlexTech Alliance to Feature Pioneers, Innovators and Integrators at the 2012 Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference and Exhibition
December 10, 2012Imprint Energy Receives Award from FlexTech Alliance
December 4, 2012Cal Poly to Analyze Screen Printing of Electronics Under an Award from FlexTech Alliance
October 25, 2012Solar Cells on Flexible Glass Demonstrated by FlexTech Alliance Funded Project
October 17, 2012FlexTech Alliance Funded Project with Etched in Time,  Inc., Yields Key Manufacturing System for Producing Flexible, Printed Electronics
September 24, 2012FlexTech Alliance Hosts Printed Electronics Metrology Status and Needs Workshop at NIST
September 1, 2012FlexTech Alliance Workshop on Ink and Substrate Interactions Addresses Unique Challenges of Printing Electronics Across a Wide Spectrum of Materials and Devices
August 21, 2012FlexTech Alliance Funds Multi-Partner Project to Build an Integrated, Printed Memory and Sensor System
August 9, 2012FlexTech Alliance Opens 2013 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference Call for Papers
August 7, 2012Product Designers are Key to Next Phase of Flexible Electronics Say Panel of Experts at FlexTech Alliance Workshop On Metal Oxide Thin Film Transistors
July 16, 2012Full Scale Production of Printed Electronics Attained from FlexTech Alliance Funded Project with Clemson University
July 12, 2012FlexTech Alliance Funded Project with Polyera Produces Printable, High-Performance Electronic Devices
June 27, 2012FlexTech Alliance Announces Dates and Location of 2013 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference & Exhibition
April 16, 2012The Age of Flexible Electronics is Upon Us
April 13, 2012FlexTech Alliance Workshop Provides Insiders' Views on the Future of Flexible, Wearable Electronics for Biometrics and Medicine
March 6, 2012FlexTech Alliance Announces Governing Board Appointments
March 3, 2012FlexTech Alliance Funded Project with Solarmer Energy Yields High Efficiency, Low Cost Organic Photovoltaic Cells and Modules
February 16, 20122012 Flex Conference Sees 20 Percent Surge in Attendance and 30 Percent Increase in Exhibits
February 9, 2012Hartman from Clemson University Wins Outstanding Poster Award at 2012 Flex Conference
February 8, 2012FlexTech Alliance Announces 2012 FLEXI Award Winners
February 8, 2012The Future is Flexible
January 10, 2012FlexTech Alliance Welcomes New Governing Board Members
November 28, 2011FlexTech Alliance Funded Project with Henkel Corporation and Flexible Display Center Paves Path to Commercialization of Flexible Displays and Photovoltaics
November 17, 2011FlexTech Alliance to Feature System Requirements and Supply Chain Strategies at the 2012 Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition
August 1, 2011FlexTech Alliance Announces Dates for 2012 Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference
July 14, 2011FlexTech Alliance Demonstrates Advances in Printed and Flexible Electronics Infrastructure