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The FlexTech Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the growth, profitability and success of flexible and printed electronics, by developing educational forums, directing research and development funding and advocating for the technology. Members of SEMI's FlexTech SIG receive benefits which provide them commercial advantages in a competitive marketplace. We offer both tangible benefits - such as speaking opportunities, introductions to key players in the industry, research reports and technical funding - and intangible benefits - such as end user education, industry advocacy and networking opportunities. The needs of the members drive the work and mission of FlexTech SIG.

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    New Era Electronics

    FlexTech's vision that the world will be a smarter, simpler and healthier place because of the development of flexible, hybrid and printed electronics, forms the basis of all of our efforts.  Read more about FHE technology here.

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    The Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium (NBMC) was formed by FlexTech Alliance, for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), in collaboration with a nationwide group of industry partners.

    The mission of NBMC is to bring together leading scientists, engineers, and business development professionals from industry and universities in order to work collaboratively in a consortium, and to mature an integrated suite of nano-bio manufacturing technologies to transition to industrial manufacturing.


    NextFlex is a public-private consortium of companies, academic institutions, nonprofits and governments with a mission to advance US manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronics. NextFlex encourages investment in the manufacturing ecosystem for this exciting technology, in return for receiving intellectual property, new product ideas and partnering opportunities.




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