FlexTech Alliance to Feature System Requirements and Supply Chain Strategies at the 2012 Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition

FlexTech Alliance to Feature System Requirements and Supply Chain Strategies at the 2012 Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition

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Keynotes, Panel Sessions, Agenda and Short Courses Announced

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 17, 2011— FlexTech Alliance today announced the speakers, panel sessions, agenda and short course offerings for its 2012 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference & Exhibition, to be held in Phoenix, Ariz., February 6-9, 2012. Supporting the FlexTech Alliance mission to develop the electronic display and the flexible, printed electronics industry supply chain, conference sessions span the full cycle of R&D through to product integration. Topics include: materials, process and tool development; overcoming challenges of pilot production; and end product usage such as biomed devices, solar energy harvesting, OLED lighting and military applications. Results of FlexTech Alliance funded projects from Henkel, Solarmer Energy, Western Michigan University and Corning Inc. will also be presented.

The conference opens with presentations from an extensive list of industry visionaries who will reveal their views on system requirements for deploying flexible, printed electronics. Confirmed speakers include Jennifer Ricklin of the Air Force Research Laboratory, Frank Caris of dpiX, Michael McCreary of E Ink, James Buntaine of Konarka Technologies, Michael Dudzik of Lockheed Martin and Steven Abramson of Universal Display Corp. Supply chain strategists will follow to explain the capability of tools, materials and manufacturing processes in advancing this emerging industry. Featured speakers include Om Nalamasu of Applied Materials, Dipak Chowdhury of Corning Inc. and Tim Claypole of the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, Other general session

Three new panel sessions, designed to provide varying perspectives on pressing issues, have been added to the 2012 conference. Christopher Soles of the National Institute of Standards and Technology will chair the panel “Metrology and Standards for Printed, Flexible Electronics”. The challenge of getting materials to work together is addressed through “The Path to Commercial Products” panel, chaired by Jennifer Ernst of Thin Film Electronics ASA. “The Future of Flexible Photovoltaics”, will be moderated by Gail Flower, editor of Industrial + Specialty Printing magazine.

To further propagate industry knowledge, short courses are being offered on Monday February 6, 2012. “Conventional Printing Processes for Functional Devices” explores imaging capability of different printing processes. “Recent Advances in Photovoltaics and Flexible Solar Cells” reviews the basics of thin film, dye sensitized solar cell and organic photovoltaics. “Roll to Roll Manufacturing Processes” outlines manufacturing challenges facing the flexible and conformable electronics industry.

“The Flex Conference presents the best of industry’s recent accomplishments with a special emphasis on the supply chain,” said Michael Ciesinski, FlexTech Alliance CEO. “We lead with the industry vision and requirements, and then build the conference around specific applications, manufacturing challenges, and solutions. Once again, conference participants will derive substantial business value and technical insights from this annual event. ”

Flex Conference 2012 contains 100+ presentations from world renowned organizations including 3M, DuPont Teijin Films, HP, Holst Centre, Merck Chemicals, Microsoft, PARC, Samsung Cheil, Sharp, and Sony among others.

To view a full conference agenda visit www.flexconference.org.

Premier sponsors for the 2012 conference are E Ink and Kolon.