Erik Novak - High-speed, high resolution 3D metrology for improved process control of flexible electronic substrate production

Session 15: Inline Inspection

High-speed, high resolution 3D metrology for improved process control of flexible electronic substrate production
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
4:40 PM - 5:00 PM

As more flexible electronics products enter large-scale production, focus is increasingly moving from simply demonstrating technological capability towards higher yields, longer lifetimes, and superior performance. To improve profitability and market size of offerings, critical features that can affect performance must be monitored, including surface roughness, defect density, defect size and slope. Ideally, in-situ metrology can be employed in roll-to-roll equipment to allow real-time process control of these key parameters. Barrier film permeability, circuit performance, and overall yield may all be better controlled via real-time measurements from within the roll-to-roll processing equipment.

This paper will present a compact, low-cost, large-field 3D metrology module for in-situ measurements of flexible electronic substrates. These compact, vacuum-compatible modules are capable of sub-nanometer vertical resolution and micrometer-scale lateral resolution for accurate roughness and defect height determination. More than 17 cm^2 per minute of surfaces can be measured with 2 um lateral resolution. Measurements are unaffected by vibration or the film backside or roller characteristics and thus ideal for placement within coating machines. This paper will present data from a variety of samples measured at various transverse locations across meters of length. With large-scale metrology, variations in process both in the machine direction and transverse direction can be characterized and controlled. Also, fine-scale differences in surface quality can be monitored in real-time as process parameters change. Lastly, results will be correlated with other precision measurement techniques.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. Erik Novak is Director of Business Development at 4D Technology. Erik received his PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona in 1998 under Dr. James Wyant. Erik began his career at Wyko in 1994, and stayed as it transitioned to Veeco Metrology and then Bruker Nano Surfaces, eventually leading the engineering, applications, and research and development teams in the organization. In 2013 Erik moved to 4D Technology to become our director of business development as we look to apply our expertise in environmentally insensitive metrology to in-line, industrial applications. He has been developing instrumentation for precision metrology for more than 19 years in applications including displays, optical components, plastic films, aerospace and automotive components, MEMS, telecommunications, photovoltaics, and medical devices. He has developed systems and techniques for interferometry, confocal microscopy, stylus systems, , spectrometry, Raman imaging and more. Erik has received five R&D 100 awards, holds over a dozen patents, and has more than sixty publications and book chapters related to surface measurement and industrial process control.


Erik Novak
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