Erica Montbach - eWriters and the Leap to Commercialization in Flexible Electronic Components

Session 10: FPE Applications

eWriters and the Leap to Commercialization in Flexible Electronic Components
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
11:10 AM - 11:30 AM

The flexible, roll-to-roll manufactured liquid crystal film in the Boogie Board® eWriter device continues to see commercial success around the world. The initial technological breakthrough led to the evolution of the entire company from being research centric to becoming a manufacturing business while concurrently creating the novel market niche of eWriters. The flexible, roll-to-roll eWriter technology, based on ChLC, has inherent reflective color, bistablity, and requires no power to maintain a static image. By applying localized pressure to the flexible, roll-to-roll eWriter display with either a stylus or fingertip a bright line is written on the dark background of the display. The immediate writing response time, natural writing feel – similar to pen on paper, and smear free palm rejection make this an excellent device for written notes. Recent technological advancements will be presented, including translucent colored back substrates, multiple color eWriter technologies, large format eWriters, and partial erase of only a portion of the eWriter. All of these have enabled new and exciting products along with unique scientific research around the eWriter platform. These innovations have revolutionized eWriter products and allowed for development of new markets. Discussion of new product types and categories, along will the optical properties, electrical properties, mechanical writing performance, and environmental performance for these unique electronic writing devices will also be included.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. Erica Montbach is the Manager for Research and Development at Kent Displays Inc. and is responsible for flexible display development and innovation, including leading multi-disciplinary teams, mentoring, solving key technical problems, and developing new concepts. In addition, Dr. Montbach has unique experience with web conveyance and roll to roll display products from her previous work with Eastman Kodak. She has 34 technical publications and 20 patents and patent applications in several areas of liquid crystal research. She is a member of the Society for Information Display and the International Society for Optical Engineering. Dr. Montbach has a B.A. in Physics from The College of Wooster, an M.S. in Physics from Colorado State University, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University.


Erica Montbach
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