Four PV Industry Leaders in Europe Honored for Standards Accomplishments

BERLIN, Germany — March 25, 2013 — SEMI Europe honored four industry leaders for their outstanding accomplishments in developing standards for the photovoltaics (PV) industry. The SEMI Standards awards were recently announced at the SEMI PV Fab Manager Forum 2013.

The 2012 SEMI Europe Standards Leadership Award, given for providing outstanding leadership in guiding the SEMI Standards Program,  was presented to Dr. Hubert  A. Aulich and Dr. Habil. Laszlo Fabry, well-known semiconductor and photovoltaic professionals with impressive industry contributions.  Aulich received his Ph.D. from New York University and worked at Siemens AG in Germany and the U.S.  before co-founding PV Silicon GmbH and PV Crystalox Solar Gmb.H.  He is currently a member of the Board of PV Crystalox Solar PLC, managing director of PV Crystalox Solar Silicon GmbH, a board member of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy, as well as other PV associations. In addition, he leads the working group “Developing Countries” for the EU PV Platform.  Fabry obtained his Ph.D. from Eötvös-Loránd-University in Budapest and also a Dipl. Faching in polymer technology. He worked at universities and research institutes in Hungary, Japan, Germany and the U.S. before joining Wacker Chemitronic GmbH (later Siltronic AG). Fabry later joined Wacker Chemie AG. During his years with Siltronic and Wacker, he represented companies in DIN, SEMI Task Forces, ECS program and executive committees, International Sematech, VDE/VDI and European and German R&D projects.

In 2007, Hubert and Laszlo agreed to become co-chairs of the new PV Committee/PV Materials Committee of SEMI Standards, the worldwide first technical committee of SEMI in the PV area. They pioneered standardization work for PV at SEMI, envisioning the importance of standardization for quality improvement and cost reductions in the PV industry. This activity triggered similar activities in U.S., Japan, Taiwan and China, where other PV Committees are now active. 

The 2012 SEMI Standards Merit Award, given for making a major contribution to the semiconductor industry through the SEMI Standards program, was presented to Martin Zennig. After completing a degree in computer science and information technology, Zennig worked at AIS Automation, Jonas & Redmann, and Siemens A&D CCSC.  Since 2006, he has contributed to the SEMI Standards program as a member of the DDA Task Force, as the leader of the PV EIS Task Force, and as a co-founder and co-chair of the PV Automation Committee. SEMI Standards acknowledged Zennig’s successful guidance of the PV Automation Committee and, in particular, leading the EIS Task Force through controversial discussions. His work was instrumental in getting SEMI Standards like PV2 and PV35 approved, setting the ground rules for equipment communication in manufacturing of photovoltaic products. Martin was also part of the team that received the 2009 SEMI Europe Standards Merit Award for developing SEMI PV2.

Jointly with Teichmann (below), Zennig was instrumental in making the PV equipment communication standardization activities global. While initial activities were primarily centered in Europe, other regions, particularly Japan, became more involved. Zennig and Teichmann, through patience, perseverance and commitment, successfully integrated the new contributors into the global Standards Program while continuing to ensure that Europe's interests remained well-represented.

The 2012 SEMI Standards Honor Award, given for long-standing dedication to the advancement of SEMI Standards, was presented to Eberhard Teichmann. Teichmann, who graduated from Friedrich-Schiller University, worked at VEB Carl Zeiss Jena, Jenoptik GmbH, Infab, and TRW ISCS GmbH, eventually joining Peer Group GmbH. 

Teichmann first encountered SEMI Standards in 1986 when he used SEMI E4 and E5. He became an active member of the IC&C Committee, PV EIS Task Force, and co-founded and co-chaired the PV Automation Committee in 2010.  He has contributed to the development and advancement of SEMI Standards in multiple areas over the last 10+ years, focusing on the development and improvement of Information & Control, Physical Interfaces and Carriers, Traceability standards for silicon wafers, Metrics, and HB-LEDs.  Teichmann significantly contributed to these committees and also highlighted potential areas of improvement to multiple SEMI task forces.  Recent examples of his contributions include: PV2 standard, E84 exception handling, Interface A (DDA) improvements and numerous smaller improvements in E30, and GEM300 standards. He also was part of the team that received the 2009 SEMI Europe Standards Merit Award.

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