Christian Prischmann from Ulbrich Receives SEMI Europe Standards Leadership Award 2011

BRUSSELS, Belgium — October 11, 2011 — SEMI announced today that Christian Prischmann from UIbrich has been selected as the recipient of the SEMI Europe Standards Leadership Award 2011. The award was presented during the SEMICON Europa Executive Summit in Dresden.

Mr. Prischmann is being recognized for his efficient leadership in developing in a short amount of time the successful two Standards: SEMI PV18 - Guide for Specifying Photovoltaic Connector Ribbon and SEMI PV19 - Guide for Testing Photovoltaic Connector Ribbon Characteristics.

These new Standards establish common characteristics, parameters and test methods for the tabbing ribbon used to interconnect solar cells into strings, the bus ribbon used to interconnect the strings in a crystalline module and their internal connection to the junction box, and the bus ribbon used to collect power from thin film modules and internal connection to the junction box.

There are many different sources for connector ribbon available in the PV industry, and each ribbon supplier has historically used its own test method to verify ribbon characteristics and ribbon quality. Using SEMI PV19, ribbon suppliers and PV module manufacturers can verify the ribbon characteristics and quality, ensuring that ribbons manufactured to the same specification will have comparable properties.

“We are pleased to recognize Mr. Christian Prischmann for his significant industry accomplishments. Standards result in reduced cost and increased efficiency,” said Heinz Kundert, president of SEMI Europe.

“"I very much appreciate receiving the SEMI Leadership Award and it was a great experience to work with the PV Ribbon Task Force. I know there are other members of the Task Force that deserve this award but I was in the lucky position to be the Task Force Leader. I am thankful for all the help we received from SEMI Staff and other experienced members of SEMI to complete these standards. Their support and help was one of the reasons that the PV Ribbon Task Force could create standards. Our company Ulbrich is already using the standards in its daily work and I hope many companies will do the same and benefit from it. Cost reduction and standardization will be mandatory to make PV a successful market now and in the future. Thank you!”, said Christian Prischmann.
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