Richard Ellinger - Physically Flexible Smart Asset Monitor and Tracking Tag

Session 11: FHE Applications I

Physically Flexible Smart Asset Monitor and Tracking Tag
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

Environmental exposure monitoring, especially temperature, is crucial for assessing and maintaining viability of high-value items including pharmaceuticals, life science materials, industrial supplies and food during shipment and storage. American Semiconductor is working under a NextFlex program to deliver low profile, physically flexible Smart-Tags capable of automatically logging environmental data and wirelessly transmitting the data using an industry-standard RFID protocol. This low-cost flexible hybrid electronics system will include a flexible antenna, battery, complex integrated circuit and wireless communications. The Smart-Tag will be supported by a full product infrastructure of readers, documentation, test data, volume manufacturing flows and a clear commercialization path. The Smart-Tag is also planned as a platform to enable future integration of more complex flexible integrated circuits and additional sensors to create high-value asset monitoring. PakSense (an Emerson Company and industry leader in intelligent sensing products specifically designed to monitor perishable goods) will perform field-testing and participate in defining commercial goals. In addition, Boise State University will provide workforce development, education and training for FHE design and manufacturing.


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Richard Ellinger
American Semiconductor, Inc.