Devin MacKenzie - Development of Scalable Manufacturing of Printed Electronics

Session 25: Emerging Capabilities

Development of Scalable Manufacturing of Printed Electronics in an Open Access Testbed
Thursday, June 22, 2017 
2:25 PM - 2:45 PM

A new development center for scalable approaches to large manufacturing of energy devices and printed electronics has been opened at the University of Washington and is open to the NextFlex community. This center brings together state of the art roll-to-roll, sheet and 3D printing and flexible electronics processing along with extensive characterization equipment for large area device, module and lifetime testing and analysis.

Recent results from the tested in printed metal air batteries, flexible nanocomposite-functionalized graphene gas sensors and rapid processing of solar energy harvesting will be presented as examples of the flexible electronics capabilities available.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. MacKenzie is recognized as a leader in solution-processable semiconductor device fabrication and characterization. Devin is the Washington Research Foundation (WRF) Professor of Clean Energy and an Associate Profession in Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington where he leads a research group in scalable printed electronics and energy devices. His lab includes the WRF Roll to Roll Fabrication Facility and he is the Director of the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds which houses extensive equipment for large area and roll-to-roll deposition of energy films. Prior to coming to UW, Prof. MacKenzie spent 15 years in industry founding and growing companies in printed electronics and roll to roll processing of flexible organic light emitting diodes and printed thin film batteries. He has a background in semiconductor materials and device physics as well as novel processing of solution-based electronic and optical materials. He has published over 120 papers and patents and has been cited over 8,400 times.


Devin MacKenzie
University of Washington