Dean Freeman - When Flexible Electronics Reach Critical Mass

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When Flexible Electronics Reach Critical Mass
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
12:15 PM - 12:40 PM

The promise of flexible electronics has been hanging in the future for considerable time.  In 2012 Gartner wrote

Printed electronics is an application on the verge of breaking out. The implementation of printed electronics could have significant upside potential for the IT and supply chain markets.”

To those on the outside looking in it often seems that this is the case; however, progress is being made slowly but surely.  Materials have progressed significantly over the past 5 years, as have manufacturing techniques giving rise to increased expectations. The growth of the IoT is helping to create some of those increased expectations, small flexible power sources, and sensors can help to drive compact or unique form factors for electronic devices.  The health and fitness markets and OLEDS are markets demonstrating potential for growth as flexible devices and displays could revolutionize health and the display markets.  How fast will these markets grow and what is the potential opportunity for flexible electronics?  The author will cover the outlook for the electronics market and some of the key market drivers for flexible electronics.


Speaker's Biography

Dean Freeman is a Research VP in Gartner Research, where he is part of the Semiconductor Internet of Things Center of Excellence. His focus is in the area of connected lighting, advising COOs and CIOs on how connected lighting will not only save energy costs, but also facilitate the rollout of IoT in smart cities, connected buildings and connected homes. He also focuses on how the IoT will enable building management silos to be connected, creating additional energy savings, and consolidating and automating the facilities management role and the digital workplace. 

Mr. Freeman also tracks emerging semiconductor technology, which includes carbon nanotechnology such as graphene and CNT and flexible electronics.

Mr. Freeman has more than 34 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, having worked with Texas Instruments, Lam Research, FSI International and Watkins-Johnson's Semiconductor Equipment Group. His experience includes positions in product and process development, operations, marketing, product management, and business development.


Dean Freeman