David Bordonada - eHealth new horizons with the Internet of Things

Plenary 2: Market & Road Maps

eHealth new horizons with the Internet of Things
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 
10:50 AM - 11:25 AM

When we hear about the Internet of Things, Smart Cities or Precision Farming appear in our minds. However, eHealth is a growing market where wireless sensor networks are providing new opportunities for telemedicine, auto-diagnosis and follow-up treatments. The new IoT platforms are integrating sensors to monitor and control the most important body parameters in small and portable devices. These new achievements mean an improvement for more than 2 billion people that can not access to a healthcare system. eHealth new systems and developments aim to cover this worldwide challenge: to enhance the universal accessibility to healthcare.


Speaker's Biography

David Bordonada started his career in Libelium in 2007 as Key Account Manager at Cooking Hacks, working on the e-commerce site, social networks and events related with the brand.  He combined this position with KAM of Education when this sector became more significant for the company. Education has become one of Libelium’s strategic pillars and the company is certainly committed to help educate market and future developers. He covered these areas in the emerging Market of the IoT, spreading the knowledge of Wireless Sensor Networks devices in Universities and High Schools, and promoting the use of Waspmote (Libelium’ Sensor Platform) through Demos and Hackathons.  Nowadays he is in charge of online sales channels of Libelium as KAM of Online Channel: Cooking Hacks and The IoT Marketplace. He is also the KAM for Channel Sales America leading Libelium presence in this area. David is in charge of building, managing and developing Libelium official distributors relationships for America.


David Bordonada