CGMG: Who We Are

CGMG: Who We Are

By Mike Corbett, Linx Consulting

The Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG) is the only advocacy group dedicated to the interest of suppliers of electronic chemicals and materials. The group is managed and actively led by a group of individuals who see the benefits of collaboration and believe that many of the most pressing issues can be better addressed through an industry forum.

The CGMG represents SEMI members who produce, package and/or distribute chemicals, gases and materials used in semiconductor applications. It also includes members who produce related systems, equipment and services for these products. The Executive Committee (CGMG EC) is constituted in accordance with formal bylaws to manage the group.

The group is open to all SEMI members involved in the above activities and is coordinated by SEMI.

To best serve the needs of its members, the CGMG EC is currently organized into four working groups or sub-committees. Two of the working groups are focused on issues of immediate relevance to the CGMG — the Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) and looking for ways to enhance the value of trade shows, such as SEMICON West, for SEMI members.

The other two working groups are dedicated to communicating the activities of the group and promoting awareness as well as identifying future challenges and activities for the group to work on. We are actively seeking input from CGMG member companies to help surface the most relevant issues where a common voice may be required or where collective efforts will be more effective than one-off solutions. Currently these activities include:

  • disseminating information relevant to materials suppliers on SEMI public policy initiatives
  • involvement in identifying economic issues with the proposed transition to 450mm wafer
  • opening up communications with other SEMI advocacy group as well as key consortia and technology development organizations
  • establishing materials-focused organizations in Japan

The CGMG holds and sponsors a number of events during the course of the year including General Meetings at SEMICON West and SEMICON Japan as well as the SMC. In addition, the CGMG EC holds regularly-scheduled meetings six times per year. We encourage you to attend a meeting. New members are welcome to get directly involved and join the group, or if this is not an option, please provide us with your ideas and suggestions. Contact Mike Corbett, chair of the Outreach sub-committee at or 1.973.437.4517. For a comprehensive list of CGMG members, click here


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