CGMG’s Value to its Participants

CGMG’s Value to its Participants

By Lita Shon-Roy, TechCet Group

Participating in the CGMG is one of the best ways to “keep your eye on what’s going on” with regard to semiconductor and electronic materials. While sitting next to one’s competitor might not always be a comfortable situation, the CGMG focuses on non-competitive issues that allow members to work together toward common areas of interest.

Through these activities I can get a qualitative sense of the industry, learn about industry-wide issues coming down the pike, and access a forum that can provide help or direction on business issues.

Of course, there are advantages to be realized by participating companies, but there are real advantages for the person participating. Committee work can help get you noticed within your own company as well as outside of it. This kind of exposure in combination with various networking opportunities can help give quite a boost to your job satisfaction and even your career.

Some examples of the types of work we have been involved in include facilitation of the Strategic Materials Conference, held every January in Half Moon Bay, California. We have been interfacing with SEMATECH’s Critical Material Council for the purpose of discussing and determining common problems and solution approaches. And we have initiated the work on a Ship-to-Control Standard Guideline.

These activities were started from a single idea that was shared in the group and then agreed to as a subject of work. SEMI, the sponsor of our group, helps where it can, providing advice on what other SEMI groups can be of assistance, and offering support on industry-wide issues.

I believe the main challenge currently facing the CGMG is to grow the international portion of our membership. Current membership includes major U.S. and European-based material and chemical suppliers, a few Japanese companies, and some others. In order to effectively represent the concerns of material companies worldwide, we realize we must make a conscientious effort to recruit membership from the Asia-Pacific.


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