CGMG Welcome Message

CGMG Welcome Message

Welcome to the Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG) website!  The CGMG is a SEMI sponsored special interest group that is comprised of companies that manufacture, package and/or distribute chemicals, gases and enabling equipment that are used by the semiconductor, display, LED and photovoltaic industries.  The mission of the CGMG is to help facilitate efforts on matters that our members believe are better represented if undertaken as an industry association.  CGMG activities include:

  • Being a voice to legislation and lobbying efforts on issues our industry faces
  • Promoting awareness of the technical, regulatory and business issues the chemical and gas industry encounters in meeting the expectations of our customers
  • Planning and sponsoring seminars, SEMI exhibits and other events relevant to the markets we serve
  • Serving as a forum for discussing safety and environmental issues

The CGMG members actively participate in our committee through sub-committees we have established to address a variety of topics.  The SEMICON West TechXPOT committee is responsible for planning our open event at the show.  Sustainability is tackling issues pertaining to how products are utilized by our customer in a more environmentally favored manner.  The Events committee this past year organized and planned the renewal of the Strategic Materials Conference.   More than 125 people attended the two day conference in October that addressed a wide range of topics related to advanced materials.  Please check out the photos from the SMC that are uploaded to our site.  Our Communications and Outreach committee is working on refreshing our website and a new initiative we call the Customer Advisory Panel (CAP).  The CAP project is a means for us to improve how we incorporate the voice of our customers into the work of the CGMG.

Looking forward we are excited about a new initiative to globalize the CGMG.  At present our committee is comprised primarily of North American based companies that serve the industry world-wide.  However, there are material suppliers emerging in various locations around the world that also provide for these markets.  Our goal is to help facilitate additional chapters of the CGMG in regions where the electronics and PV industries are growing to address specific issues our industry is encountering within these countries.  As a first step here we are working to establish a South Korean CGMG during 2013.

The CGMG is always looking for new members and we welcome your interest in joining.  The best way to start is by viewing our website and then getting in touch with either Tom Salmon at SEMI ( or myself.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Gene Karwacki
Air Products & Chemicals
CGMG Chairman 

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