Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST)

Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test

SEMI Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test Special Interest Group develops, coordinates, and directs all SEMI services for the semiconductor test community. CAST members include a range of semiconductor industry leaders, from automated test equipment (ATE) companies to integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) to fabless manufacturers to outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies.

  • Participating CAST provides the opportunity to shape the future of semiconductor test through industry-wide collaboration.
  • CAST members work with their customers, suppliers and industry colleagues to:
    • develop industry standards that reduce costs and spurn innovation,
    • engage in valuable pre-competitive activities, and
    • serve as industry-wide advocates for the test industry and profession. 
  • CAST members are recognized as leaders in the industry and work to identify and leverage industry trends to benefit all industry stakeholders.


Featured Articles


  • Docking and Mounting Generic Terminology Guide (Published July 2012) Click here for free access to the guide.
  • Published SEMI Standards
    • SEMI G91-0513Standard Test Data Format (STDF) Memory Fail Datalog

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