Chris Orilall - An Overview of Radiation Curable Technologies

Session 16: Encapsulation & Coating

An Overview of Energy Curable Technologies
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
5:20 PM - 5:40 PM

Energy Curable Materials are at the center of many industries/ technologies, e.g., Graphic Arts (Flexo, Litho, Screen Inks, Inkjet), Electronics (Photoresist, Display), Coatings, Additive Manufacturing and Adhesives. Here, reactive monomers and oligomers in the liquid phase are deposited and UV energy or high energy electrons (E-beam) subsequently initiate polymerization to form a continuous coating, layer or adhesive film. This almost instant cure process enables very high line speeds and eliminates the need for ovens or heating, which is particularly advantageous for sensitive substrates and components. Additionally, existing coating lines can be retrofitted to keep small equipment footprints. The choice of starting materials provides for precise control over the mechanical properties (such as hardness, tensile, flexibility, elasticity, and compressibility); chemical, weather and abrasion resistance; hydrophobicity and optical properties of final cured material.

This presentation will go into the fundamentals of radiation curing, including the basics of UV chemistry, equipment and formulating strategies. Structure property relationships of key parameters such as viscosity, glass transition temperature, surface tension, refractive index (to name a few) and their influence on performance will be demonstrated. A molecular engineering approach to controlling device performance will also be emphasized, especially the ability to tailor-make the backbone (molecular structure) and functionality of these radiation curable materials. Finally, the versatility to incorporate other components such as block copolymers, dyes, fillers and nanoparticles to produce novel organic- inorganic materials for emerging and disruptive technologies will be highlighted.


Speaker's Biography

Chris Orilall is currently R&D Manager at Sartomer Americas, working on the development of new radiation curable materials with unique properties for applications such as adhesives, coatings, inkjet, 3D printing and personal care. Prior to joining Sartomer, Chris was a Member of the Technical Staff at Applied Materials Inc. in Silicon Valley in the office of the CTO and CMP divisions. There Chris developed new materials and processes for Li-ion batteries, CMP polishing pads and 3D printing technologies.

Chris grew up in the small coastal South American country of Guyana but ended up at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN for his Bachelors. He received his doctorate at Cornell University with his dissertation based on nanostructured materials for energy conversion and storage devices. Chris did at a post-doc at the Institute of Fuel Cell Innovation in Vancouver, Canada, collaborating with Nissan Research Center to develop membranes for hydrogen fuel cell technologies. Outside from materials science, Chris loves the outdoors and sports.


Chris Orilall
Sartomer Americas