China Strategic Innovation and Investment Forum Held in San Francisco at SEMICON West

China Strategic Innovation and Investment Forum Held in San Francisco at SEMICON West

By Cherry Sun, SEMI China

SEMICON West SIIP China LogoOn July 11, SEMI China successfully held a “China Strategic Innovation and Investment Forum” as part of SEMICON West 2017 in San Francisco, Calif. Major companies and investment executives shared their insights on global semiconductor industry investment, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and innovation development trends. More than 500 semiconductor industry and investment professionals from the United States, China and other areas around the world participated in the forum. With presentations and networking opportunities, the SEMI China Strategic Innovation and Investment Forum (SIIP) is one of the most influential China-focused platforms ─ where markets, technology, talent, and funding meet.

At the forum, IC and investment community executives shared their views on the industry’s evolution and offered insights on investment, M&A, and innovation trends in China.

Lung Chu PhotoAfter Dave Anderson, president of SEMI Americas, opened the forum, Lung Chu, president of SEMI China, presented on “The Rise of China IC Industry.”   Lung Chu used various graphs to show the rapid development of China's IC industry and the increasing impact of the global electronics industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

While the global semiconductor industry continues its consolidation through large-scale mergers and acquisitions, China’s semiconductor industry is embarking on a new round of expansion with heavy investment from public and private funding.

Hing Wong, managing director of Walden International, said that as Moore's Law continues, the impact of semiconductors will increase, leading to a new era of artificial intelligence (AI). All the technologies rely on semiconductor chips, and currently China is the 50 percent of worldwide semiconductor market. As the Chinese market gradually matures, China fabless will also gradually transform their winning strategy from cost play to feature/performance play, and from local to global.


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Tammy Kiely, banker representative of Goldman Sachs, presented on “The China Semiconductor Opportunity,” stating that China, as the world's largest semiconductor market, has logically decided to try to balance domestic supply and demand. She mentioned that China's share price/earnings ratio is over 100 times higher than the global ratio, which also attracted a lot of capital to concentrate on the Chinese market.

Allen Wu, EVP and president, ARM, China, said artificial intelligence (AI) is the driving force for China's IC industry growth, primarily in the areas of equipment, application and data. Chinese demand drives artificial intelligence application such as games, art, health, industrial robot, language translation and so on.

The panel discussion included six honored guests: Allen Wu, Hing Wong, Tammy Kiely, Gerald Yin (CEO, AMEC), Michael Zhong (deputy GM of TechCode) and Weixu Huang (venture partner, HUA Capital).  Panelists explored issues of international cooperation and the rise of China's IC market, while moderator Lung Chu and attendees raised questions.

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August 7, 2017