China High-end Integrated Circuit Alliance

SEMI China, which promotes Chinese enterprises for industry growth and prosperity, and helps local companies advance in the international market, reports on the relatively new alliance the China High-end Integrated Circuit Alliance (CHICA) which was established on July 31, 2016.

SEMI China uses its industry association platform to promote the development of the semiconductor industry in China. With 11 industry committees, we have the strong connections needed to communicate and collaborate not only with China’s semiconductor industry, but with the global ecosystem. Recently, Lung Chu, president of SEMI China said, “To be successful, it is critical that China’s semiconductor industry speed up its integration into the global industry supply chain. The goal is to achieve sustainable growth through “win-win” collaboration with global partners and leveraging industry platforms to become a significant player and partner in the international semiconductor manufacturing industry ecosystem.”

As China sets out on the Made in China 2025 plan with electronics and semiconductor technology as one of the Top 10 focus areas, China’s semiconductor industry has an unprecedented growth opportunity.  However, China IC industry is faced with strong competition from many leading global players in an increasingly interconnected world and a highly global semiconductor market.

Aiming at building an industry eco-system and including leading enterprises, CHICA set up a meeting to gather producers, institutions, research institutes and users to explore innovation, advance integrated circuit industry research, and build “architecture: - chip - software - machine - system - information service” to promote rapid development of the integrated circuit industry.

Officers include:

  • President: Ding Wenwu, president of China National IC Industry Investment Fund
  • Deputy president: Zhao Weiguo, Board chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup
  • Secretary General: Wei Shaojun, director of Tsinghua University Institute of Microelectronics,

A listing of the 27 alliance partner follows (in random order):

  • Key domestic enterprises of domestic high-end chip, basic software and applications:
  • Tsinghua Unigroup
  • Inspur
  • Sugon
  • CEC
  • State Grid Information & Telecommunication
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • ZTE
  • Loongson


  • Shanghai Zhaoxin
  • Tianjin Phytium
  • Shanghai Huahong
  • Yangtze River Storage
  • SMIC
  • Montage Technology
  • CS&S
  • China Standard Software
  • National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund
  • Universities and research institutes:
  • Tsinghua University
  • Peking University
  • Institute of Software of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • China Center for Information Industry Development


  • Telecommunications Research Institute of Ministry of Industry & Information Technology
  • China Electronics Standardization Institute
  • Chinese Electronics Standardization Association
  • Fifth Electronic Research Institute of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

On April 10, 2017, the second member congress and the second general meeting of CHICA were held in Shenzhen. Alliance president Ding Wenwu announced that China Sensor and IOT Industry Alliance officially became the first sub-alliance of CHICA, with academician Wang Xi acting as president of the sub-alliance.

  • The member congress also reviewed and approved five new member units:
    • Changcha Jingjia Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
    • Hangzhou Zhongtian Micro-system Co., Ltd.
    • Hunan GOKE Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
    • East China Photoelectric Integrated Device Institute
    • China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd.

President Ding Wenwu identified four working focus areas of the Alliance:

  • Become the “communication bridge” for joint high-end technology research
  • Act as the “contact link” for collaborative innovation of producers, institutions, research institutes and users
  • Function as the “adhesive” for promoting construction of industrial ecological system
  • Advocate the new “important platform” for international cooperation and talent cultivation

During the first session of CHICA Summit Forum held at the same time, with the theme of “high-end processor development strategy,” more than 200 people ─ producers, institutes, research institutions and users in the field of integrated circuits ─ discussed the present situation and the prospect of the high-end chip industry ecological environment.

For more information, contact Also visit Window on China on the SEMI website.

Global Update
May 30, 2017