Charles Woychik - Design and Manufacturing of a Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Biometric

Session 20: Sensors

Design and Manufacturing of a Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Biometric Human Performance Monitor (BHPM)
Thursday, June 22, 2017 
8:00 AM - 8:25 AM

A FHE device, capable of detecting and wirelessly transmitting human ECG results and body temperature was designed, fabricated, and tested. The flexible BHPM was demonstrated to remain functional while being worn by human subjects undergoing a range of physical movements. The device was fabricated as an integrated unit, including printed sensors, photolithographically defined metal circuitry, and electronic components on a single flexible substrate. The BHPM used a flexible 50µm Kapton-HN® polyimide substrate having 2µm thick Cu circuits on both sides, connected by plated thru holes, and was constructed by a semi-additive plating, or pattern plating, process. These copper circuits provided the surface for solder to attach all of the surface mount electronic devices on one side of the substrate, including a Li-ion battery. On the opposite side, “skin side”, two types of sensors were incorporated. ECG sensor electrodes were formed from ink-jet printing and cure of precursor gold nanoparticle ink. In addition, a temperature sensor (thermistor) was incorporated using nickel-oxide filled epoxy as a variable resistor between two closely spaced gold electrodes. Circuit design and materials changes were shown to affect the flex fatigue life and interfacial reliability, of electroplated Cu circuits, and electroplated Cu pads over-printed with gold nanoparticle ink. The integrity of the interface between the plated features and the ink-jet printed Au was further examined as a function of surface finish on the plated metal.

Sponsors: The United States Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) and the Nano Bio Manufacturing Consortium (NBMC), Contract # FA86501327311-7.


Speaker's Biography

Charles Woychik is the Chief Scientist of R&D at i3 Electronics in Endicott, NY. Previously he was the Senior Director of 3D Technology for Invensas Corporation. Prior to Invensas, Chuck worked 5 years for General Electric Global Research, after spending the first 18 years of his career with IBM. His area of expertise is materials and processes for electronics packaging. He holds a doctorate and Masters of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Materials Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Chuck has numerous publications and 86 issued US patents to his credit.


Charles Woychik
i3 Electronics, Inc.